Traveling or going to work should be as easy as possible with the right backpack. Your backpack will determine how comfortable your journey will be. School backpacks for college should be chosen carefully, you will be using them every day. On the other hand, a clumsy backpack that does not suit your traveling style will only make your journey a nightmare.

There are many different brands and styles of backpacks out there. However, the one you need all depends on what your needs and wants are. Below are some of the best backpack brands to choose from!

8. Nike SB RPM Skateboarding

As the name suggests we do not expect anything less than perfect from this brand. It has a synthetic exterior, which makes it astonishingly durable. It also has so many easy to reach pockets that can come in handy for carrying school items.

7. Timbuk2 Parker Pack

It has a storage design that makes it so well organized. Moreover, it has pockets covering the front and the sides of the bag, therefore, making it convenient. The original design was for biking hence it has additional features. For example, it has a small hook for attaching a light when traveling at night.

6. North FACE Aurora (Women’s)

The bag is good for hiking and biking because of its reinforced strap with a mesh. This makes the strap more durable than most traditional bags. It has three pockets on the outside that are camouflage, therefore, making them ideal for hiding your valuables.

5. Burton Tinder Pack

The Burton tinder pack has a lot of room in it than most backpacks. With its size of 22 inches Height, 15 inches wide and 2 inches diameter, it has a streamlined feature that makes it comfortable to travel with when you are in a hurry. The exterior is also made of polyester making it durable.

4. Chrome Unisex Barrage

The stand out feature of this backpack is the durable waterproof material, used to create the exterior parts of the bag. It can hold both electronics and liquids at the same time with its two secure and different interiors. The pockets on each side of the bag are ideal for carrying drinking water.

3. Topo Designs

Its unique look makes this bag stand out from the rest. It is ideal for long trips or schooling because of its high durability. The material used to make this bag is heavy-duty plastic that can endure a lot of movements. Amazingly, it has a breathable mesh at the back to keep it dry.

2. Fjallraven Kanken 13 inches Laptop

With the size of 11 Inches Height, 9 inches wide and 6 inches diameter, Fjallraven is the ideal backpack for electronic devices. Its design can help protect your valuable device in case of bashing against other items while traveling. With its size, you can carry laptops that are as wide as 15 inches.

1. Herschel Supply Co. Classic

There is a reason why this classic backpack by Herschel has been so popular. With its size of 16 inches height, 11 inches wide and 4.75 inches diameter, it has all you need regardless of whether you are traveling light or going to work daily. The exterior of the bag is made of polyester, which is a very tough material. This keeps it safe even when roughly treated. As if that is not enough, it comes with a variety of colors to pick from.

There are varieties of backpack brands that suit your needs. All you have to do is spot what you really like and go for it. However, you have to consider factors such as durability, ease of use, fitness, and weight amongst others to ensure that you have a convenient and efficient item. The backpack of your choice should also fit your lifestyle.

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