If you are planning next year’s summer vacation, we have got one question for you…

Just how much are you willing to spend? After all, a holiday is the perfect excuse to add a little luxury to your life, even if it’s only for a brief period of time. Who knows, perhaps someone out there has just won the lottery and happened to stumble onto this site. Here are a few ideas for Summer 2016 – so get planning!


Attending The Masters Golf Tournament; Estimated Cost: $7,000


Although that price is still a bit pricey, it would be worth it to see the champions tee off in style, rather than just settling for watching it on satellite TV. The Masters is an annual golf tournament held in a beautiful part of Augusta. If you have ever been, you will know there is nothing quite like the atmosphere present there. Some people have described it as going back to a time where life used to be simpler, but with the benefits of modern technology. It is not just about attending the tournament though because with the luxury hotel accommodation available you will feel like you are in paradise. Try researching golf holiday travel info online and you might find prices can be a lot less, if you book in advance.


The World By Rail; Estimated Cost: $22,000

Orient Express Pullman Cabin | Le Preposterousist ~

Considering you get to travel across the entire world by train, we think that price is a bit of a steal. If you are considering taking the plunge, just think of it as buying a new car, that you won’t get to drive. But seriously, this would be an incredible experience and certainly something to think about doing after you retire. What a wonderfully romantic way of experiencing a whole globe of different cultures and destinations. Did we mention it includes a trip on the famous Orient Express?


A Trip To Africa By Private Jet; Estimated Cost: $50,000


Not only will you get your own private transport to the country, you will be invited to stay in five star accommodation while getting up close with the local wildlife. That includes seeing African elephants, cheetahs and exploring the continents exotic jungles. You will also get a private helicopter flight over the gorgeous Victoria Falls and visit seven different countries across the continent. You see, this is how the rich should spend their trips in Africa, not this.


Staying In A Princess Castle; Estimated Price: Upon Request

Cinderella Castle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Yes, we saved the best for last because we have no idea how much this costs or how to book it. All we know is, it has been done.  Johnny Depp and his daughter are the most famous example of those who have stayed in the Cinderella suite at the top of the Disney World Castle. A few years ago a one night stay in the room was offered to a lucky few as one of the theme parks wishes. Now, a rumor swirls around online that to book the room you call the park and name an obscene six figure sum. It is also a rare prize at some events. Still, it would be worth it to make your little girl’s dreams come true, wouldn’t it?



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