We all have stress from work, kids and living our day to day lives in 2020. We try to make time for the gym and workouts but let’s face it, sometimes its tough to dedicated an hour or two out of our day to get it. Modern times have us sitting behind our desk at our computers answering emails, making phone calls and sitting with bad posture.

I was intrigued with the Powerball after seeing it on an ad on Facebook and thought I’d give it a try. They are about the size of a tennis ball and have a gyroscope inside them that spins and generates massive force as you hold them, moving your hands and wrists. You start it up inserting a red string into a hole and winding it up around the ball. Then, pull the string and you have it going.

Use the Powerball to take a Break from Work

The ball starts to light up as you move your hands and wrist in a circular motion to really get the ball moving. When I’m at my desk working, I use the Powerball to take a break, just for a few minutes and it really helps loosen my hands and wrist. The force of the gyroscope actually works your entire arm depending on how you position the ball.

The Powerball’s are a proven tool that will help aid in the prevention & elimination of Carpal Tunnel, arthritis, tendonitis, tennis elbow and many other Repetitive Stress Injuries along with increase grip strength, range of motion, and to condition arm, elbow, and shoulder muscles.

Take your lower body workout to the Next Level

I decided to take my Powerball workout to the next level. I live by the beach so I love to Rollerblade. The only thing missing from my Rollerblade workout is an upper body workout…until now. Now, when I’m skating, I’ll use the Powerball to workout my wrist and arms. I’ll start the ball up and alternate hands for the entirety of my workout. By the end of it, I’m exhausted.
It’s literally 40 pounds of force pushing your arms and wrist.If you move your hand forward, it will work out your chest. When you put your hand up, it’ll work out your tricep. Just by moving your hand and arm, you can workout so many different parts of it.

Use the Powerball for Rehabilitation

The Powerball is also used as a non-impact rehabilitation tool because it promotes substantial blood flow through the shoulder, wrist, hand, arm and fingers. The resistance doesn’t damage any tissue or inflame joints, promoting healing without any additional stress.

The Powerball helps with Painful RSI. Numb fingers & hands from the onset of Carpal Tunnel. Epicondylitis. Tight forearm muscles in the morning because of scar tissue and restricted bloodflow. Sharp pains in the wrist joint as you type. Broken arm. Fractured wrist. Poor grip. Tennis Elbow. Shoulder injury. Bursitis. Just a selection, in fact, of the many conditions and ailments suffered by some of our customers before they purchased their own Powerball!

A Portable Workout Device

Take the Powerball anywhere. I have multiple Powerballs so I leave one at home, one at work and one in the car. They are literally the size of a tennis ball so you can take it anywhere and use it anytime. They are great for walking, running or if you’re just bored sitting in the car. The possibilities are endless.

The Powerball is great for working out your arm, taking a break or just entertaining yourself. The more I do it, the better I get and it’s really just a lot of fun.
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