We were cruising up the 101 freeway at 60 MPH in smooth comfortable silence, enjoying the best part of our drive where the highway came up to meet the oceanside. The hills on our left peeled away to reveal a vast blue ocean on our left and rolling elegant hills on our right. I could see why Oprah, the most powerful female celebrity in the world along with many other wealthy moguls decided to live in this enchanting area.

We were on our way up from Los Angeles to visit one of Montecito’s most luxurious properties. Montecito is known as one of the wealthiest communities in the country. The 2019 Cadillac XT5 was the perfect choice to cruise to Montecito, and I was confident that the XT5 would provide us with whatever we needed to make an awesome evening.

We drove on one of the most scenic highways in the world. The cut and sewn leather and natural wood interior felt tailored for comfort. The 3.6L V6 engine felt powerful. I discovered the car’s safety features such as lane keep assist, and blind spot warning when I felt a slight pulse in my seat. The car sends a subtle pulse in the driver’s seat in the general direction any potential hazard. It was a simple and intuitive feature.

This car was built to handle any occasion. I looked up and saw the car’s ultraview power sunroof, which opened almost the entire roof of the car. We flipped a switch that peeled back the sunroof so that we could breathe the ocean air and be hit with the direct sunlight. The car had a sleek design and style and had all the features that made luxury cars an essential upgrade.

We rolled off the 101 and started to make our way into Montecito. We gently maneuvered up the winding roads and into the rolling hills. I had not seen any pictures of the mansion beforehand and I had no idea what to expect. The ocean was out of our sight now and all that was left were green trees providing shade and some nice homes. As we were making our way higher up the hill I realized that the mansion must have a spectacular view. We eventually came to the end of the street to an entryway.

Our turn by turn navigation said that we have arrived. At first, everything was obscured by the entrance, but then we drove through and were instantly hit by the view of the ocean and the city miles down below.

We stepped out of our Cadillac and took a couple of steps backward on the green lawn in front of a fountain to see the house. I felt like I stepped out into an idealized, romanticized scene from the type of vacation to Italy or Spain that most people dream about.

There was no doubt that this property was one of the best your money could buy in a community already known for luxurious real estate. It looked like a place that would exclude wisdom and great stories if it could talk.


The whole right side of the property was on the hillside, giving the property a 180-degree view of the ocean and the city below. The estate provided a long walkway and patio area to take advantage of the view.

After absorbing our first impressions of our surroundings, we then walked up the entranceway as the valet drove our Cadillac back around the oval to the parking area. We then introduced ourselves to the luxury real estate brokerage, The Agency, who was putting on the event and responsible for the listing.

We began taking our tour of the estate. We took our time to slowly walk through the mansion and admire the rooms filled with elegant wooden tables and leather furniture and paintings. All over the walls there were paintings that displayed european cities and people from a couple of centuries ago. The dining room featured a long and dark table with a gentle fireplace going. The kitchen featured large islands and was opened up by floor to ceiling windows that displayed the ocean view. The house has 7 bedrooms and over 20 bathrooms.

After continuing through the house, we finally made our way to the backyard. Several people were chatting and sharing warm conversation. There was a lounging area and a catering team with trays handing out hors d’oeuvres.

We continued exploring the backyard continued down more stairs. The house property seemed like it went on forever. It was approaching sunset by this time, which painted our surroundings in a golden hue. At last we made it to the end of the estate and were met by a large reflection pool that spanned almost the entire back part of the property surrounded by green grass. There were stone statues in the middle and to the sides of the reflection pool. The rolling golden brown and green hills provided the backdrop.

As the sun set we explored the rest of the house and met up with some friends who just arrived. We mingled with kind people at the event who were all enjoying the beautiful surroundings. More friends gathered and we all stood in the back patio sharing stories and connecting with one another. There was a relaxed warmth that radiated from all the people there. When I am older, this would be one of the moments that I would look back on as evidence that I lived a good life.

It was late in the evening and we decided to leave. We called for our Cadillac. Our friends were still with us, and the Cadillac’s spacious and comfortable interior made for the perfect vehicle to take us to whatever the rest of the night had in store for us. We piled in and took off. The 8-speaker premium Bose audio system did not disappoint, and we sang all the way back to Los Angeles. We were having such a good time, that I would imagine that Oprah would have loved to come down from her house a couple of blocks away from where we were to join us.

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