A result of years-long research and advancement in ceramic manufacturing techniques, wood look tiles are reinventing the ways we think about decorating our modern homes.

As modern interior designers emphasize more and more on ensuring a healthy atmosphere in people’s homes, they are preferring to use a lot of organic patterns and textures. It involves everything from leaving a lot of empty spaces to the use of light and refreshing colours. Streamlining the furniture and fixtures is another key element of this minimalist approach. However, it doesn’t mean that you should turn your house into a boring, uninspiring space. On the contrary, it can still be warm, welcoming, and sometimes quirky; albeit with the ingenious use of different materials.

Wood-look tiles are one of those materials preferred by modern designers to add some fun and appeal to your home spaces. These innovative tiles use porcelain stones to ensure maximum longevity, while also perfectly recreating the look and feel of organic woods and timber.


To get you started in your process of decorating or redecorating your homes, we discuss the reasons why you must consider using wood look tiles below.


Long-lasting Flexibility

Thanks to the use of porcelain stones, high-quality wood look tiles are one of the longest-lasting materials to be used on the floors and walls. They are less prone to wears, tears, and breakages, greatly resistant to heat, fire, and moistures, and don’t absorb lots of waters. These features enable the tiles to not only last over a long time but also help them look fresh and new even after years of use. The aforementioned qualities also make the tiles very flexible in terms of use – kitchen floors, basements, basement, living room, bathroom walls and floors, etc.; helping you to create a uniform composition.

Limitless Design Choices

Whether you are aiming for rustic elegance for a trendy living room floor or a soothing atmosphere in the bathroom; you would no problem in finding a wood look tiles design that suits your needs perfectly. The warm textures of the Larch wood are a great option for any guest-friendly area, while the Hungarian Herringbone textures can give any space a rustic makeover with its intriguing composition of geometric shapes. Each of the specific types of wooden textures is usually available in different shades and colours, making it a celebration of unique, individual choices. Moreover, they can also be cut according to your preferred sizes, making them highly useful to mix and match and create a unique composition or to furnish complicated corners.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Similar to other porcelain stoneware tiles, wood look tiles are very easy to clean and maintain its appearances. Resistant to stains and frosts, the use of normal cleaning tools like a brush and liquid soaps would be enough to ensure maximum hygiene. As they are made using eco-friendly materials, these tiles may look warm but are cold to touch, making them very comfortable during the summer.


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