Everyone who has a yacht is always looking for ways to upgrade it. Read on to learn innovative ways to upgrade yacht interiors and exteriors.



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Boat automation in general works to give yachts their luxuries and add-ons, and most people with yachts take advantage of this. Marine linear actuators are possibly the best way to make your yacht look better because they can handle so much. According to Boat Actuator, the most common use for them is either windows or doors, since that gives a huge boost in a number of situations.

Yacht Doors

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Having doors which are on linear actuators is useful for a number of reasons: the actuators can be set to limit the distances they move, they can be controlled remotely, and can have their speed changed depending on what you need the door for.

Being able to the set the distances that the door can open is immensely helpful for people who need their doors to keep at specific distances from the walls, especially on a boat where rough weather might cause the doors to open. Having marine actuators in place on these doors will prevent a lot of accidents which can result in damaging themselves or the surrounding walls and equipment.

Being able to control doors remotely is also useful because it allows you to close doors without needing to go out into the elements. The speed at which the actuator moves can also be changed to allow for quicker or slower closing and the opening of doors, which can be helpful depending on what function the door has.


Yacht Windows

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Windows having linear actuators is useful for many of the same reasons as doors. Being able to close them remotely is incredibly handy, either because you have forgotten to close them, they have blown open, or something else. Perhaps somebody left them open, and you want them closed, or maybe you want to relax in your room with the windows open – linear actuators allow you to do that.

Windows can also have actuators with limits set on them too – this allows them to open and close without smashing or otherwise damaging the glass. Limits can help to keep windows safe from the adversity which can sometimes strike.


Paint job

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Once a yacht has been in the water for a certain amount of time, it will not look “fresh out of the box” as it used to. The elements themselves can have a detrimental effect – including sunlight. There are ways around this fact, however, ranging from using water itself to using wax on various fittings.



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Spritzing fresh water on your boat will make it gleam in the sunlight. If there are stains on any outdoor carpeting, then take a gallon of hot water and mixing it washing detergent (half a cup) and vinegar (a full cup). Use the solution to give the carpet a good scrub and the carpet will look like new. Stainless steel feels the effects of the weather and the elements and needs to be rubbed with a lemon peel to get that bright sheen back. Gel coated appliances can be washed with a mix of boat soap and carnauba wax for the same effect. Fiberglass and Aluminium both look good when they have been freshly waxed, so if you want a photo finish, remember to use them. Before you do so, remember that wax makes things extremely slippery – use with caution! A scratched windshield can be treated using everyday teeth whitening toothpaste because it will act to erase the scratches and smooth them out. When the windshield has been taken care of, using furniture polish on the helm can mean extra shine on previously fogged-up curtains as well as a clean fresh smell.


Maintaining The Look

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Finally, two interior problems that you have to face are cushions and furnishings. Scrubbing them with weak solutions of cleaner will do that easily. Saltwater can stain porcelain and other materials very easily. If you find that you have yellow toilet bowls, simply create a mix of half cream of tartar and half hydrogen peroxide, then scrub it on the toilet. Leave for half an hour, before cleaning the toilet normally.


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