Winter may be considered a gray, cold period, but it can also be a time that provides a perfect avenue to the path of wellness and inspiration. There is no better place to do so than in a newly discovered area of Utah — Heber Valley. It’s located only about 25 minutes from Park City, the city well-known as the host of the legendary Sundance Film Festival.  There are a few particular treasures in Heber Valley that take the luxury of self-care and introspection to an entirely new level.

The natural phenomena located in this Heber Valley section of Utah makes any visit a truly mystical experience that has been a best-kept-secret except for those truly in-the-know. First, there is the world’s only calcium domed 10,000-year-old “crater” located just across the road from a quaint resort called Zermatt Utah.

The “crater” is home to a natural hot spring that actually maintains a year-round temperature of approximately 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  The waters are deep, plunging down to about 65 feet.  Visitors don life jackets and float in the warm water.  The experience is especially therapeutic given the highly rich mineral content of the water. In the winter, the experience is particularly other-worldly since the cold air above the warm water creates a dense fog all around. While scuba diving is also permitted, a long, leisurely soak in this part of the mountains is rejuvenating and encourages renewal at a very deep level. 

Image Courtesy of Weston Fuller

Later in the day, make your way down the road to the luxurious Ice Castles which are only in existence during the winter. Each winter 4,000 highly skilled artisans create awe-inspiring art sculptures, tunnels, slides, towers and much more complete with color-changing LED lights that create a fantasy experience that is truly magical. The winding bends allow for contemplation, and the color enhances depth and contemplation.

The real winner here is crystal healing studio located about 15 minutes away from the crater in the opposite direction of the Ice Castles.  Run by empathetic healer Theresa Morin, the studio offers realignment of energies through her work with powerful quartz crystal singing bowls that put any typical spa sound bath experience to shame.  Even her table for the sessions is crafted out of precious and powerful crystals.  This is sound-wellness at its deepest.

In addition, Morin also offers special Theta healing that works at a subconscious level to change any negative patterns at their very root.  But it is Morin’s unique temperament and approach that makes this an out-of-body experience from the first moment.  

Image Courtesy of Michelle Howard

First, Morin uses a pendulum to read the various energy points on the body and works to interpret then re-balance using sound.  Given that quartz crystal is able to amplify, store, focus, transfer and transmute energy, there seems to be scientific data to support the work.  Further, if all such minerals are in your electronic devices to transfer energy and communication, chances are that such properties can have an impact on the human body as well. The experience is profound and can have a beneficial impact on one’s organs, tissues, aura.  This is about moving into a natural state of harmony and balance from deep relaxation insights. Morin, who healed herself first and went through extensive training, can also provide services via phone if you can’t make the trek. 

Image Courtesy of Deer Valley

Of course, once restored, there is nothing like traveling over to Deer Valley to be at one with the mountains in a different way.  While nearly everyone is aware of the legendary reputation of this ski destination, it is worth noting that it has not missed a beat since its new ownership just a couple of months ago. And even those who are proficient can benefit from lessons from one of the 550 instructors at the resort.  They are trained by PSIA standards, and many have been working at Deer Valley for more than ten years. This expertise coupled with impeccable rental service and more makes for a truly moving meditation that makes anyone welcome the winter months.


Featured image courtesy of Weston Fuller.


Written by DLX contributor Lauren deLisa Coleman. Lauren is a contributor at leading media outlets such as Forbes, and Inc. She tracks the convergence of cultural trends with that of emerging tech and the impact of that on business and politics. When she’s not on-air or speaking at events, she is all about listening to the best in hip hop. 

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