Imagine flying through the sky in a luxurious yacht. The Lineage 1000E, the largest aircraft in Embraer Executive Jets’ fleet, is recognized as one of the top contenders for the best ultra-large executive jet. With the Skyacht™ One—an exclusive, highly customized version of its Lineage 1000E flagship — Embraer Executive Jets has teamed with SottoDesign Studios to develop an ultra-custom interior design theme , catering to flyers who seek a level of luxury and refinement that has, until now, been reserved only for the most impressive oceangoing yachts.

  • Skyacht™ One was created from a unique collaboration between internationally recognized experiential designerEddie Sotto and Embraer Executive Jets
  • Based on Embraer Executive Jets’ Lineage 1000E, an ultra-large luxury jet with a range of 4,600 nautical miles
  • After taking delivery of a green Lineage 1000E, the proud owner of the future Skyacht™ One aircraft will collaborate closely with Sotto Design Studios to personalize the aircraft down to the most exquisite interior and exterior detail and bring the Skyacht™ One vision to reality
  • The Skyacht™ One takes the private jet experience to a level never before accomplished

Much of the inspiration for the Skyacht™ One is a custom commission yacht called the Thunderbird built by master boat builder John Hacker in 1939 for George Wittell. Wittell wanted a powerboat for use at his Lake Tahoe home that matched his polished Douglas DC2.

Visit the Official Skyacht website.

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