Designer lingerie has been increasing in popularity in the last 20 years, since the unveiling of the first Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra in 1994 expensive lingerie has been on people’s minds. Luxury lingerie designers are popping up everywhere and making beautiful creations of the softest silk, the best fabric and often include pieces of fine jewellery and precious metals. Price doesn’t always guarantee the best quality but these certain luxury lingerie brands are certainly beautiful works of art made to be appreciated. La Perla is popular for luxury lingerie but it’s only the start of the high end market. Designers are constantly pushing the market to bigger and better things. Gold, diamonds and crystals can be found hidden away in the back of closets and in the top drawer.

10 Expensive Lingerie Brands For The Rich


Each luxury brand has a distinct sense of style and different sources of inspiration, with so many places to choose from it’s easy to find lingerie that will make you feel great wearing it. Most luxury lingerie brands offer made to fit options and will tailor the piece for the best fit, and comfort possible. Some designers will only produce a limited number of each design, making it exclusive like a work of art.

In order to be included on this list of expensive luxury lingerie brands, the label has to produce at least bras and panties, the pinnacle of the underwear world. Company’s that are limited to specializing in one aspect were not included for the basis of this article. The prices are based off the cost of a standard bra.

10. Faire Frou Frou: $100

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The phrase Faire Frou Frou is a french phrase that means to show off, and by wearing this lingerie designs you will be doing just that. This brand is for woman who appreciate the finer things in life, and transforms anyone into a classy upscale fashion figure instantly. It was founded in February 2005 by Alison and Gail Rubke. There is a boutique in Los Angles California and items can be ordered online and delivered.

9. Fox and Rose: $102

Fox and Rose was founded by designers Amanda Lorenzani and Alexandra Miro who bonded over their love of lingerie. The name represents the two sides to a woman, the bold, seductive fox and the elegant rose. There is lingerie to suit the changing moods and will beautifully fit any situation. The two sides of the brand are unmistakable with the Fox lingerie being bold and adventurous and the Rose lingerie being beautiful and more reserved and very feminine and sophisticated.

8. Guia La Bruna: $110


Guia La Bruna is made in Italy from the finest European fabrics. It’s is a vintage look remade for a youthful modern crowd. Guia La Bruna followed in her fathers footsteps into lingerie designing and plays on fun shapes and colors, for a fun and frisky look. Silk muslin is the most popular fabric choice of this designer because of the way it falls on the body. She breaths new life into the old styles. Guia La Bruna also has a popular line of luxury swim wear that is well-known.

7. Pleasurements: $144


Pleasurements is a highly exclusive luxury lingerie and erotica fashion brand. It is a great source for woman who are looking to embrace their erotic fantasies. Each piece is carefully designed with the best luxurious materials and personally gift wrapped in a unique box. Each purchase comes with a small gift as a token of appreciation. The lingerie is designed to suit different tastes and styles and can be worn either in the bedroom or flaunted in public. The brand is based out of Amsterdam and has a shop called The House of Pleasurements which can be visited by appointment for the best service.


6. Fleur of England: $182

Fleur Turner created the luxury lingerie label in 2001 in England, the brand creates feminine designs out of high quality fabrics designed for the perfect fit. Fleur of England is know for bras with sensual peek-a-boo cutouts and lace trims. Most of the designs are made from lace and silk and are very soft, elegant designs. Fleur of England lingerie gives a sense of class, and sensuality and each design is beautiful and a work of art and is a great sophisticated choice for all types of lingerie and has continued to rise in popularity during it’s 23 and counting years on the market. Many celebrities have been seen wearing this brand including Sarah Jessica Parker and Katy Perry.

5. Agent Provocateur: $250

Agent Provocateur is a popular choice for luxury lingerie and has marketed the industry in much the same way as Victoria’s Secret did for mainstream lingerie. Agent Provocateur has a wide range of creations to unlock your deepest desires, the designs are bold and flirtatious and even a little coy. Each design is a piece of art and can be made to specific measurements. It’s a British label founded in 1994 and has expanded to include 30 stores in 13 different countries around the world.

4. Bordelle: $288


The popular brand Bordelle was founded by Alexandra Popa in the summer of 2007. Most widely known for their bandage dresses, Bordelle is unique in the luxury lingerie world as it’s not romantic. It’s style focuses on bondage and S&M style and make woman feel dominant and empowered. Celebrities and stylists are a fan of Bordelle, and it is often seen in magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Glamour and Linda. Lady Gaga and Britney Spears can be seen wearing the brand on stage. Rihanna has also been seen in Bordelle.  This brand is one of a kind and has made a niche for itself, with the kinkier side of lingerie.

3. Myla: $299


Myla is a London based luxury lingerie brand with boutiques in London, Ireland and France. The lingerie line, is full with sophisticated and simple styles. The designs are playful yet refined and come in daring colors, for different moods. There is something for everyone and different personalities, Myla encompasses many facets of femininity. The goal of the brand is to capture and celebrate the power of a woman and each piece is designed to be comfortable and supportive to wear as well as being fashion forward.

2. Jean Yu: $320


Jean Yu was born in South Korea and grew up in California. She began designing high end dresses that were sold in many notable stores. In December of 2011 Jean Yu launched a line of beautiful silk luxury lingerie and has since been recognized as one of America’s top designers. Her designs are clean and simple, with a modern feel. The lingerie is all hand made and care has been taken in creating each piece of luxury lingerie. Jean Yu is known for using silk chiffon for her beautiful pieces.

1. Carine Gilson: $515

Carine Gilson was born in Belgium but is based in Paris. She started the luxury lingerie label in 1994 and instantly became a success. Most of the lingerie is made from the best Lyon silk or delicate Chantilly lace and sometimes both in the comfort of her workshop in Brussels. Gilson focuses on quality and the uniqueness of each piece that is made. Her styles are feminine without being too girly and are not too different from La Perla’s designs but the hand finished details make this brand worth paying attention too.

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