1. Dress to impress. Your physical appearance is your first impression and it’s important that your clothes are fitted and stylish.

2. Always be fashionable in all situations. You should look and act polished. You need to look the part to be the part.

3. Eat healthy food.  Nutrition is key to ensuring you reach your peak performance.

4. Drink organic wine. Did you know that drinking a glass of wine a day is equivalent to getting an hour of exercise?  Checkout Frey Organic wine, our favorite.

5. Exercise – Staying fit is so important. You can’t truly live or enjoy life unless you are physically fit.


6. Travel – Expand your mind and travel to the far depths of the globe. If you stay in the same place all the time, you are not growing. You need to constantly inspire yourself with culture and new walks of life. Use Tripping to find unique places to stay.

7. Charter a yacht with Boatbound. If you can’t own a boat, you might as well rent one for a day. Use the airbnb of yachts to book a fun-filled day on the water.

8. Simplify your life – throw out the things you don’t use. Donate your clothes to the local homeless shelter. Get rid of the clutter. Once you get rid of the material possessions that have been weighing you down, you will be closer to reaching zen.

Use Homejoy to clean your house, an on demand online platform and iPhone app that connects people with background-checked and tested cleaning professionals.

9. Make time for your family and friends – People are naturally social, though some have more friends than others. Stop being a hermit and get out there. Talk about your problems. Celebrate your successes and inspire the people you love.


10. Volunteer and give back – you probably have it better than most people in the world…it’s time to do something good for the greater cause.  Don’t worry, you will enjoy it.

11. Have dinner parties with your friends and just have fun.


12. Celebrate – you’re lucky to be alive. Whenever you reach a goal, be sure to share your successes with your loved ones.

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