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You spend your time in them every week and they become as familiar as your own home sometimes; I’m talking about the most beloved apartments and homes in television history. Often times, they’re their own separate character in the show, and now you get to look at them from a completely different angle – from above.

Spanish artist and interior designer Iñaki Aliste Lizarraldedraws these famous house and apartment floor plans as a hobby, giving the TV viewer a new perspective on the homes in which our cherished characters reside. Luckily for us, we can get a piece of these fantastical domiciles because these floor plans are sold as prints. Hooray!



Thanks to Freshome for the great find! We’re off to explore each residence and relive some of our favorite TV moments…


Friends – Apartment of Monica & Rachel


Friends – Apartment of Chandler & Joey


Friends – Both apartments


The Big Bang Theory – Apartment of Sheldon & Leonard


The Simpsons




Will & Grace


The Golden Girls


I Love Lucy

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