We all want a watch that makes people go ‘woah!’, right? Our wrists are naked without a gorgeous timepiece to adorn them with, so if you haven’t got one it’s time to go watch shopping! Use these quick tips:

Where Will You Wear the Watch?

Consider where you’ll wear the watch to pick a suitable style. Will you be wearing it to formal events? Perhaps you’d prefer a watch you can show off every day? For something you’ll wear only to special occasions, you can afford to go all out when it comes to sparkle and fancy elements. If you’ll wear the watch every day, you don’t want it to look ‘too much’.

What Will Go Well With Your Current Style?


Consider your current style and how you like to dress. Your watch will ideally suit this style so it can be worn with everything you decide to put on. If you’re quite bohemian, then a watch with a leather strap will look great on you. However, if you’re glamorous, something in rose gold might look amazing! Also, think about whether you’ll wear your watch with other jewelry and how that will look. Will you create an ‘arm party’ with the watch? Maybe you like to wear lots of rings?




Does the Watch Suit Your Wrist?


Everybody has a different wrist, slender or thick. The watch you wear can either show that off or play it down. Big watches suit slimmer wrists, while thick wrists suit smaller watches. They help to create an optical illusion of a more balanced wrist. If you’re not too bothered about what your wrist looks like, then skip this step and focus on the watch.

How Would You Feel if Somebody Else Wore the Watch?


Instead of picturing yourself wearing this watch, try to picture it on somebody else. Better yet, take somebody watch shopping with you and get them to try the watch on after you. If you’d feel envious of the person wearing the watch, that’s definitely the watch for you! Sometimes I can’t tell if I like something on me until I’ve had somebody else try it on. Might sound silly, but it works!

What Features do You Need in This Watch?


Although you want your watch to look awesome, you also need to consider the features it has. Are there any features you must have and can’t budge on? Maybe you need it to tell the time digitally, or show you the date. Should it be waterproof? Make a list to make your buying experience much simpler. If you’re splashing out a lot on this, you need to make sure it’s a quality watch. This means reading reviews and things before you make your decision.


Hopefully you’ll be able to find a watch in no time at all with this advice. Remember, you don’t need to have a giant budget to find a brilliant watch. Simply set your budget, work out what you like/want, and find something that fits. If you find something that suits you and your personality perfectly, it’ll look great!

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