Enjoy a dive into pure paradise when you go to the Caribbean! Before your big trip, make sure to jump onto your favorite online stores a Birkenstock Australia website to get sandals and other necessities before you head to the islands. You want to limit what you bring. What do you absolutely have to pack when you head to the Caribbean? Let’s find out!


Walking Sandals

While you might think some flip flops are all that you need on your vacation, the truth is that you need something much more durable and versatile. You want the best shoes for walking all day along the beach. Purchase high quality sandals from trusted brands. They will offer you protection and comfort on the go. Many stylish sandals can be dressed up or dressed down. This means that you can go from sandy beach bum to stylish evening dress easily.



When you are traveling overseas it is important to carry all of your documents in safe waterproof bag. This includes your passport, cash, and other forms of identification. You might need to review what each country requires for quick and save travel between islands. Don’t forget that cash is necessary for everything from taxi rides to street snacks to paying your tab at local eateries.



If you are used to living in cold weather or climates that change from hot to cold, be ready for the hot humidity in the Caribbean tropical climate. It is HOT! Bring necessities like swimsuits and cover-ups that have UV-protection. T-shirts, tank tops, sundresses, and shorts are ideal for the hot Caribbean weather. Don’t forget sundries, underclothing, extra socks, and eveningwear that will keep you looking slick without sweating.


Sun Protection

Unless you are used to living in a hot tropical climate or have inherited the ability to tan, you want to protect your skin from the sun. You can do this a variety of ways. Find high quality trusted brand sunscreen with SPF 50. Sunglasses should be tinted with extra protection from ultraviolet rays. Look into clothing options that protect you from the sun’s rays. A hat is ideal for further protection. If you never tan, don’t start on your Caribbean vacation. You are more likely to look like a lobster than a beach beauty after a couple of hours in the sun.


Water and Snacks

Always carry some water with you and snacks. If you are not used to the heat of the Caribbean, you might risk sun stroke and dehydration. Additionally, your body might not be used to the local water. While it might be pricier to purchase water instead of using the local tap, you will protect yourself. Extra snacks in waterproof packaging are great for on-the-go, especially if you bring children with you on your trip or have sugar-related health issues.


Discover the exquisite beauty of the Caribbean! With miles of sandy beaches, the rushing of the ocean waves, and friendly local atmosphere, the Caribbean is truly heaven on earth.


IMAGE: https://pixabay.com/en/beach-sand-sea-sand-beach-3369140/