Austin, Texas may be known as an artsy, eclectic, laid-back city, but it has elegance and luxury to offer as well. The downtown property of the Omni Hotels & Resorts reflects such sensibilities.

This international luxury hotel company is one of the few that are family-owned.  The company is helmed by private equity investor and scion Robert Rowling, and this particular location is a stand-out for those growing number of travelers to a region which is the seat of the 12th largest economy in the United States.  With an economy parallel to that of Canada, Texas is a key destination for business or pleasure today.  

But when it comes to the intersection of food, music, and luxury, Austin’s Omni is a key pick for a number of reasons.


5. Location, Location, Location.

The hotel is located within a key radius that offers everything from kayaking to fine restaurants¬†— all within ten miles of each other. The Omni is located only ten minutes from the airport so that it is extremely convenient yet far enough away from the main highway so that one is not disturbed by traffic noise in the least.


4. Did Someone Say, “Mixologist”?

This particular location is in the center of the Austin nighttime scene. Just steps away from the 6th Street entertainment district, the Omni is a perfect choice to experience an atmosphere that makes this city the self-proclaimed music capital of the world. In a few minutes, one can experience the cocktail scene not only off 6th Street, the Rainey Street historic area is not far either. The renovated houses re-imagined into bungalow bars, are unique to this area and offer much charm and intrigue.


3. The View From The Top

The Omni offers a unique architectural design. The building is flooded with natural light and encased in a glass atrium of sorts that provides a true indoor-outdoor feel. In fact, events such as wedding receptions, are held in the lobby area. Many choose The Omni because of the lighting which is very dramatically staged thanks to the cathedral-like heights of the building. In addition to the layout and design, each room has a view. This is a definite unique plus, which is rarely found at most hotels inside of major metropolitan cities.


2. Social Good

The Omni offers 392 rooms with exclusive suites on the top 3 floors.  Naturally the property sports a beautiful rooftop pool and 24-hour gym, however, a stand-out is the hotel’s offering which is tied to booking.  If you make a reservation directly with the Omni, as opposed to utilizing a third party, the hotel will donate a portion of fees to help feed a family of four.


1. Food, The Glorious Sweet Sensation

Omni Originals program signals the continuation of its elevated food and beverage offerings at locations across the country including this one in Austin.

For the second year in a row, the hotel is celebrating the Omni Originals culinary series during the month of April, this time putting the spotlight on morel mushrooms.

Per the Omni Hotel, items on the specialty menu include:

  • Charred Forager’s Toast: morel mushrooms, garlic, white wine, asparagus, burrata and tarragon
  • Earth Day Eggs: morel deviled eggs, smoked salmon, pumpernickel rye, pickled morel, radish
  • Spring Skins: new season potato skins, smoked chicken, spinach, morels, Gruy√®re, red chili

There are also two signature cocktails offered to accompany the seasonal fare: the Morel Smash (which is described as a blend of Cruzan Rum, strawberries, lemon juice, morel syrup and rhubarb bitters) and the Morel Old Fashioned (morel-infused Elijah Craig Bourbon, house morel-infused honey syrup and Angostura bitters).

But perhaps one of the items most coveted at this Omni location is the awe-inspiring chocolate guitar offering that is delivered to one’s room. Celebrating the city’s music vibe, the hotel has crafted a guitar about 8 inches long that with a front and back that opens to hold three-four balls of chocolate. The front is green in color and a dazzling feat of detail thanks to the magic of artistry, cocoa butter, and green vegetable coloring.  It is a luxurious treat that would make even the best chocolatiers envious.


For further information, visit the Omni Hotel website.

All images courtesy of Omni Hotel.

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