1. It’s 2015…what better time to buy than now? Start the new year off with a fresh perspective and a home to call your own.

New York is the city that never sleeps with flourishing arts, culture, fashion, food and design. It attracts the most sophisticated people in the world and you can have whatever you want, whenever you want it.

New York is the center of the arts & culture.

2.  The Simonsen Team is diligent in making sure their clients have access to new developments as soon as they come to market, and often times before they are totally official.  There are some incredible new developments in New York City for 2015.

3. Investing in NY is one of the safest global decisions in today’s current market.

While approximately 70% of residential Manhattan real estate stock being rentals, this leaves only 30% for homeowners. Supply is low and demand is high.  People are flocking to the greatest city in the world to live their dreams and housing prices have no where to go but up!

4. There is a resurgence of new developments happening in the city.

Most high-end new developments are commanding $2000 and up per square foot.


5. The entertainment industry continues to film and promote NYC, the greatest city in the world.

Every time a movie is shot in New York, surges of tourists flock to the city. Remember Sex in the City 2?  After Alicia Keyes and Jay Z released “New York,” tourism went up an astounding 30%. Ah, the power of movies.
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