While there are a number of stunning coastal resorts located throughout Australia, there are some regions that remain more popular than others. Take the famous Gold Coast, for example, which is located in the east and home to some of the world’s most idyllic and picturesque beach hotels in the world.

The Gold Coast is a uniquely alluring and visually stunning location, while it also has a diverse heritage that should not be ignored. It is reported as one of the luckiest regions for gamblers, with an impressive $900,000 won on pokies during 2014 alone. The nightlife on the Gold Coast is also outstanding, so this is something that visitors should look forward to.

The Melbas Ultra Lounge and Club

The Melbas Ultra Lounge and Club in Gold Coast

Located in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, Melbas Ultra Lounge and Club is an award winning nightspot with a high-end cocktail lounge. Renowned for its innovative and delicious range of cocktails, it is ideal for revellers of all ages and remains one of the region’s most popular night clubs. Melbas is also an extremely large and open-plan resort, with a huge dancefloor offering visitors the opportunity to dance throughout the evening. You will also find a number of talented DJ’s performing live at Melbas, guaranteeing that some high octane tunes are able to elevate the overall experience.

Sin City

 Sin City -- night club in Gold Coast

Another Surfer’s Paradise resort, the Sin City nightclub is arguably one of the few genuinely world class locations of its type in the word. It is equipped with all of the fittings that you would expect from a premium night club, from multi-million dollar décor to a state of the art sound system. These elements combine to create a breath-taking atmosphere, which wows revellers and creates a genuinely unique experience for both locals and international travellers. The resort is all renowned for its opulence, as chandeliers and gilded walls reinforce the underlying sense of luxury that makes Sin City should a wonderful place.

The Cocktails and Dreams Nightclub

The Cocktails and Dreams Nightclub in Gold Coast

We complete our list with the popular Cocktails and Dreams Nightclub, which can be found on the picturesque Orchid Avenue and sits at the very centre of Surfers Paradise in Queensland. This is the Gold Coast’s largest multi-level commercial dance venue, and one that is often described as the heartbeat of the region’s nightlife. As you would expect from a venue of such size, there are huge dance floors for visitors to express themselves on, while those in search of different kinds of entertainment can also enjoy pool and drinks at least two private bars. It is this kind of diversity that makes Cocktails and Dreams such a popular nightspot, even in a crowded and extremely competitive space.



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