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Chinese multi-millionaire Xiong Shuihua made his fortune in construction and then the steel industry.

There is no greater luxury in the world than having the ability to give back, especially from the place where you came from. 54-year-old multi-millionaire, Xiong Shuihua, born into a humble household of a carpenter in 1964, did just that. He grew up in poverty in Xiongkeng Village (located in Xinyu), a remote southern Chinese village with wooden huts, muddy roads, and tarnished infrastructure.

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This is what the village looked like when Xiong returned after the 2010 flood.

Xinyu is in the middle of Jiangxi Province, in between the two capitals – Nanchang and Changsha. It is 3,170 square kilometers with a population of 1,000,000. The ancestors of the Xinyu people established their presence in the region about 200,000 years ago.

The Daily Mail reported that Xiong initially was successful in the construction industry and later became very successful in the steel trade. When Xiong returned to Xiongkeng after a horrible flood in 2010, he saw the demolished and weathered huts. He decided that this was his chance to give back to the village where he grew up as a young boy.

Recently, Xiong bulldozed the entire village and built luxury residences, for free. Today, the village has gorgeous apartments, paved roads, and a playground. The new development features rows of gray townhouses with a paved street in between each row of homes.  Trees, buses and grass were installed in front of the homes to build the community.

This is what the village looked like after the renovation. From muddy huts to luxury apartments.

This is what the village looked like after the renovation. From muddy huts to luxury apartments.

Xiong said that he made so much money, he didn’t know what to do with it. He didn’t want to forget his roots. This is the ultimate form of giving back, and hopefully, more people will have the heart to do this. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, we all need to find ways to give back to our communities.

The community has a playground and grass area for residents.

Sources say that it cost Xiong $6.3 million to renovate the area where 90 families live today. 18 families were offered villas because he felt the families had been good to him. Xiong said that he wanted to help the people who helped his family when he was younger.

After the families moved in, Xiong even promised three meals a day and free hospital visits to the low-income elderly residents. 75-year-old Qiong Chu said that she remembered Xiong’s parents and that they always thought of others selflessly. She said that it was great that their son followed in their footsteps.

The housing development is now home to 90 families.

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Elderly residents are given 3 meals a day and free hospital visits.

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Xiong is responsible for changing so many peoples’ lives. Do you see how much these women are enjoying themselves?

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This is the ground breaking ceremony.

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Xiong is being honored by the city.

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It’s a grand celebration.

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Here’s the development team.

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Xiong is being interviewed by the press. They are asking him why he chose to give back.

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Here’s more of the celebration.

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Xiong made his fortune by doing construction and then getting into the steel industry.

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He transformed a damaged village into a modern development for all to enjoy and prosper

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 If you were a billionaire, what would you do?

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