When we think of luxury car, several big makers come to mind. It is rare that any of them sit within our price range, but there are several high-end vehicles that are just as beautiful. The most popular luxury and high-end vehicles ever made are now only available used from private dealers and owners. If you are looking for a high-quality vehicle you may want to try one first, as standards in comfort and safety have certainly changed over the years.


 The Aston Martin range are most famed for providing James Bond with plenty of opportunities to outrun the baddies over the decades. Many of the cars featured in the films are still popular today. It is not impossible to get hold of a classic Aston Martin, but you may want to be less picky about which one in particular you would settle for. The DB5 featured in ‘Goldfinger’ and scored a significant amount of screen time. The DBS in ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ didn’t feature in many scenes at all. The DB5 continued to make comebacks across most of the other James Bond films, making this one of the most popular cars ever.

Aston Martin luxury car

The Porsche 911 Turbo has been a popular car for a long time. It’s curved shape is not unique, as it is emulated from the 1960s VW Beetle (Bug), but somehow Porsche refined the lines and added an engine to put other sports cars to shame. Classical shapes of the Porsche are available at quite cheap prices and tend to be a favorite for doing up to drive, rather than selling on. The 550 Spyder is the car most fast-car enthusiasts seek.

 Porsche 911 luxury car

The VW Beetle is the cousin of Porsche is an icon in its own right. From ‘Herbie’ to the modern shape, this vehicle is quirky and cute. Like most VW vehicles, they are well made with mechanics to last. The old shape Beetle from the 1960s is still the most popular, although by today’s standards they lack comfort and driveability.

 Other fast cars that deliver flash and flare include the Lamborghinis, the Ferraris, and Lotus brands. However, speed is not practical on the roads, so if you are not looking to take your vehicle round the racetrack, perhaps it would be best to look for class and comfort. Both Mercedes and BMW provide extremely comfortable vehicles and reasonable prices new. Some of the better European models can be located by looking at online dealers like cardealwarehouse.co.uk. If you are importing your vehicle you may want to check your local taxes and import charges first, as shipping may be dependent on you paying these first.

 BMW luxury car

Mercedes and BMW both utilize German technologies and engineering. Other manufacturers around the world also use German parts, as they are highly respected as being reliable. The French, Brits and Italians also produce some great vehicles that are regarded well. You can find some of them are available from specialist importers. Some people are reporting that the Mercedes 300SL Gullwing could fetch a small fortune if sold. Some classic cars are certainly a worthwhile investment opportunity, but it would be a shame not to feel comfortable driving them.


While driving yourself around in a beautiful car can certainly turn heads, having a chauffeur do all the work for you might turn a few more. If you have a luxury car, you may want to hire a professional driver to take care of it for you. Alternatively, hiring a driver occasionally, can let you really enjoy the ride as a passenger. Driving can sometimes be unpleasant, especially around the city. Enjoying your vehicle from another seat might be just what you need to enjoy your vehicle again.


Most vehicles come with a good warranty new, but buying a used car can be a worry without one. If you do buy a car for an investment or just for the love of it, it could be worthwhile retaining the services of a specialist mechanic to keep it in tip-top shape. While owning a thing of beauty is a reason enough to smile, keeping it running and purring away can be hard work. You may need a specialist garage with additional security just to satisfy the insurance company. Installing climate control in a garage may seem excessive, but some classic cars need the royal treatment if they are to survive for decades to come.


If you are thinking of buying a luxury, classic, or high-end car, you should ask yourself the reason. If it is about looks, then you probably have some vehicles in mind already that fit the bill. If it is about performance, the sound of the engine and speed, you are probably going to be looking at sports vehicles. Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches all pack a punch with power, but they can be a pain in the backside to park due to their dimensions and how low they sit to the road. If you are thinking of driving into the city in your new car, you may need to rethink the sports car idea.


If you like the open top idea, there are many models to choose from, but how functional the top is can vary wildly. Many classic cars require a lot of manual fiddling around by hand. These devices will require very regular maintenance, and spare parts may be very hard to come by. Equally, those tops that are run my electric motor may be difficult to replace if they fail.


Buying a used classic car is a great idea if you have the time and resources to continue looking after it for years to come. There is nothing more wonderful than having the opportunity to invest in a highly desirable vehicle like a DB5. However, there are many exciting new models available on the market today from all the leading manufacturers. They provide cutting edge technologies and safety features. These new designs will undoubtedly become the classic cars and investment opportunities of tomorrow.



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