Welcome to the countdown of 17 of the most expensive products on Amazon in 2017. Marvel at all the luxuries this giant electronic commerce company has to offer. With a Prime membership in hand and a wish list to be filled, click over to Amazon to make all those dreams come true.

17. Caviar

Depending on how much you buy, the Caviar Russe Sea Gold Osetra could move all the way up the list to number one with a price of $4,727.27 per pound. The sustainably raised and hand-packed Russian Sturgeon caviar originates from the Caspian Sea and has an unmistakable nutty flavor.

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Image courtesy of Caviar Russe

16. Expensive Solar Panels

If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to turn your home into an environmentally responsible residence, the Residential Home Solar System ($33,335) is the perfect find. Secure predictable energy costs and embrace an environmentally friendly energy source for your home.

15. Leather Jacket

Brioni, an Italian couture house, sells on Amazon to help round out your closet with a Green Crocodile Leather Zip-Up Bomber Jacket that retails for $38,000. Founded in Rome in 1945, the brand epitomizes luxurious Italian-made clothing and has a devoted following of CEOs, world leaders, and movie stars.

most expensive products

Image courtesy of Amazon

 14. Babe Ruth’s Autograph

most expensive products

Image courtesy of Joey Kyber via Unsplash

Baseball fans will swoon over this authenticated Babe Ruth Signed Baseball available for $101,586.99. Adding a baseball signed by the “Sultan of Swat” will be the crowning glory of your collection.

13. Diamond and Sapphire Necklace

most expensive products

Image courtesy of designbolts.com

A beautiful Art Deco and Edwardian-inspired piece, this White Gold Necklace with Oval and Pear Shaped Sapphires and Diamonds sell on Amazon for $124,740. Sapphires are accented by halos and spaced by diamonds to create a bow-like motif for a necklace that is sure to become a family heirloom. 

12. Signed Artwork

Pick up a signed copy of Girl With Balloon by Banksy for $135,000. A British street artist making his trade in satirical, political works of art, the anonymous artist (Banksy is a pseudonym) has won accolades, as well as criticism, from numerous sources. His work can be found around the world, from the United States to the UK and even Australia and this is a rare opportunity to own an autographed print of his work.

most expensive products

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11. Blue Spinel Gemstone

Build a custom piece of jewelry with a 19.19 Carat Spinel Loose Gemstone Cushion Cut SSEF Certified priced at $155,000. One of the few gemstones that occur naturally, Spinels are becoming increasingly popular for its durability and intense color.

10. “Bat” Masterson Signed Manuscript

One of the few times this lawman signed his full name to anything, pick up the William Barclay “Bat” Masterson Annotated and Signed Manuscript for $160,000 and own a piece of Dodge City history. Featuring four annotations plus a full signature, these pages are a draft excerpt from Robert M. Wright’s book, Dodge City.

9. Chandelier

A Lladro is a singular work of art, and the Niagara Chandelier is available on Amazon for $165,000. Famous for their exacting standards, if a Lladro piece is deemed not good enough, the company will destroy it rather than sell an inferior piece. Bring this level of precision to your home with a beautiful porcelain chandelier.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

8. Engagement Ring

One of many engagement ring offerings on Amazon, but by far the most expensive, Mark Broumand’s 5.40ct Old Mine Cut Diamond Vintage Engagement Ring retails for $172,443. The jeweler is famed for his custom-made works and this cushion cut, platinum band ring will make any finger sparkle. If an engagement is on your horizon, why look any further?

most expensive products

image courtesy of Amazon

7. Women’s Watch

It’s hard to beat a Rolex when it comes to watch brands. The Women’s Daytona Platinum Diamond Bezel Diamond Pave Dial Watch for $180,150 is the ultimate symbol of luxury for your wrist. The never-worn piece features a 40mm 950 platinum case, screw-down crown and push buttons, 36 baguette-cut diamond bezel, pave set diamond dial, Rolex caliber 4130 automatic movements, platinum oyster bracelet, and folding oyster lock buckle with easy link 5mm comfort extension link. Plus its waterproof to 100 meters.

6. Security Bundle

You’ll never worry about online security again with the Fortinet 3-Year Enterprise Bundle on sale for just $218,912.40. Get the best in online protection with web filtering, anti-spam, botnet IP/domain, FortiSandbox Cloud, and mobile security services, among others as you safely browse the web from any of your devices.

5. Leather-bound Signed Book

Pick up this signed copy of 103 Amazing Facts About the Black Indian of the Western Hemisphere for the low price of $250,000. One of only 13 copies with the author’s signature the book, the product site claims it is “an unprecedented work of art, the book is written in a style that de-programs the mind, while re-programming the mind simultaneously. The author takes you into, and reveals the psychological details and layers of programming, that has transformed the true indigenous people of the western hemisphere, into a newly made and manufactured entity, on a mental, spiritual and physical level.”

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Image courtesy of Amazon

4. Painting by Giuseppe Ruoppolo

Adorn your walls with Still Life with Squash, Melon, Pears, Figs, Peaches, Grapes and Figs by Giuseppe Ruoppolo for $315,000. The oil-on-canvas piece is one of the best Neapolitan baroque paintings available and the precise brushwork, illumination techniques, and the specific manner of arranging the fruit are all hallmarks of Ruoppolo’s work.

3. Gold Coin

Coin collectors will love this 1795 $10 Gold Eagle Capped Coin priced at $455,380.32. With just one left in stock, it’s a chance to own a piece of American history from the beginning of the republic’s history. Amazon takes some of the challenges away from collecting those rare expensive coins when they have them in stock, so hurry over and add it to your cart.

2. Movie Poster

Are you a fanatic about owning a piece of Hollywood history? Prepare to drop $750,000 on a poster from 1932’s The Old Dark House. One of only two original posters in existence from this movie and this unique piece simply cannot be replicated.

1. Robot

While technically only available on Japanese Amazon, this might be the most expensive item on all of Amazon’s global sites. Kuratas, retailing for $1,000,000, is an enormous robot that you can step inside of and control à la Iron Man, or operate via remote control. Weighing four-and-a-half tons and measuring in at twelve feet tall, this is the perfect item for a self-imagined superhero.

most expensive products

Image courtesy of Amazon

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Written by DLX contributor Katie McRoberts.

Header image courtesy of Piotr Cichosz via Unsplash

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