Looking for the perfect romantic getaway with someone special? We have found the perfect destinations Air France will take you to on their luxurious planes.  We guarantee you will have one of the most memorable vacation’s of your life from the minute you board.

10. Air France destination – NICE, FRANCE.

Crystal blue waters and year-round sun welcome you to this Riviera getaway. Explore the exquisite Art Deco architecture during the day and spend your night enjoying some of the finest restaurants and bars the French Riviera has to offer. Nice truly holds an incredible experience for anyone looking for the perfect amalgam of beaches as far as the eye can see, history, and luxurious nights full of great food and romance.

9. Air France destination – GENEVA, SWITZERLAND.

Sitting on the banks of Lake Geneva, at the bottle of the Alps, Geneva is a natural wonder in itself. This sleek modern city offers incredible historical architecture and vibrant art galleries. Stroll along the promenade at night and enjoy the exquisite restaurants and luxurious bars this European paradise has to offer.

8. Air France destination – FLORENCE, ITALY.

You can never spend enough time in Florence. You can walk along the bank of the river with a latte from one of Florence’s famed cafe or explore the spots where Renaissance art was born. This romantic and magnetic city really is like no other. Spend your nights in sidewalk restaurants sipping local wines and watch as the sun goes down and the lights begging to illuminate this gorgeous city.


This one of a kind port city is perfect for food and wine lovers. You can walk the streets of this city and sample some of the best wines in the world, or just explore the city on foot with a fresh pastry from the delicious bakeries. If you’re looking for some of the best scenery in the world, climb the steps on the tower of Saint-Michel and be captivated by the panoramic view of Bordeaux.


Experience a romantic escape like no other in Malta. Take a day trip to explore ancient castles, or drink mimosas in the harbor on your own chartered yacht. From being pampered at the Maltese islands spas to romantic candlelit dinners prepared by some of the world’s top chefs, you can unwind and immerse yourself in relaxation while in Malta.


Stroll the streets of this colorful city with the one you love. Sample fresh foods at the lively Boqueria market or spend the day walking along the coast getting a tan. At night, enjoy the exquisite Spanish cuisine then go to one of the incredible late-night bars Barcelona has to offer and enjoy a muscatel or a cerveza.


Walk along the soft sand beaches and enjoy the warm waters in Mexico. With its stunning sunsets and relaxing spas, Cancun gives you a chance to get away. If you want to spend the night out and about, you can choose from a plethora of clubs and bars that are brimming with life and dance the night away.


Walk through Central Park, and explore the luxurious stores Fifth Avenue has to offer. Enjoy food from all over the world and experience the streets that inspired hundreds of songs. Watch the sunset from the city that never sleeps with a bottle of your favorite champagne from one of the luxurious penthouses available in this city of lights.


The idyllic European getaway, Amsterdam is full of vibrant life and culture. You can explore the city on foot or take one of the famous gondolas to experience the incredible architecture. Spend your days visiting the numerous art museum, and when the stars come out you can enjoy Belgian waffles and fine Champagne while walking around the romantic canals.


Air France

Paris is known as the city of love for a reason, it is the home of culture, fine dining, and endless romance. With some of the finest luxury hotels in the world, you can enjoy the city from a contemporary getaway or palatial masterpiece. Enjoy luxe shopping while sipping on a fine wine, and take in the city that’s inspired a million love stories.

Which of these is your ultimate romantic getaway? Let us know below in the comments.

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