• Amber Engine Warning Light

This one’s the most obvious of the bunch. There’s a reason car manufacturers include a handy light on your dashboard that looks like a mini car engine, and that’s to keep you in the loop! This light usually begins to shine amber when there’s something up with your engine management system, possibly with the fuel injection or ignition system. Some cars also have this light set to come on after a certain period of time to remind you it’s time for a regular check up. It’s not the most likely to show a severe issue but it’s not something you should ignore for more than a day or two at most!

  • Odd Noises

Now this one may seem a little primitive, but you know your car better than anyone so if you hear something out of place, something may well be out of place! Anything from metal on metal noises to grinding gears can indicate real issues with your vehicle. If you hear something like squealing when you step on the brakes then don’t wait. Squeaky breaks could mean worn brake pads and worn brake pads mean dangerous driving.

  • Steam or Smoke Coming From under the Hood

This one is hard to miss. If you’ve got smoke or steam coming from under your bonnet then it’s not a sign you need to go for a check up but a big fat call to action right then and there. If it’s steam then you’ve likely got a radiator issue, check your car’s temperature gauge and if it’s sat in the red, pull over and let it cool down. Radiator issues aren’t a sign of instant danger but the longer you leave it, the worse the damage done. Blue smoke would indicate burning oil normally and could be something much is more serious. Blue smoke could indicate that your cars piston, piston rings and valves are getting worn or possibly that you’ve got head gasket failure.

  • Pulling or Vibrating Under Braking

This could be your steering; it could also be worn brake pads or it could be a suspension problem. One way or another, it’s an issue you need to get looked at immediately. The fact that these issues affect driving means you’re not going to be confident enough in your handling moving forwards. Another common cause of this is worn tyres and that’s probably easier to fix if not just as dangerous. You can check your tyres yourself by making sure that each of your tyres has at least 1.6mm of tread and that the tread is wearing evenly between them. If the tread on your tyres is wearing unevenly then you need to make an immediate visit to car service Sydney expert as this indicates something seriously wrong with the way your car is riding.

  • Uncomfortable Ride

This is really a catch-all final point. Much like the odd noises you might hear, an unusual or uncomfortable ride would indicate to you, the car owner, that something’s wrong. Be aware of how your car’s ride is and any reduced comfort and that may well indicate an issue under the bonnet or in the chassis.

These are just some things to look out for. If your car is persistently causing you issues though then it may be time to look into some new wheels. Consider new car finance if your current car is costing you too much in check ups but you don’t have the ready cash for a new car right away.

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