When you retire, you want the most stressful elements of your life to simply disappear while you learn to get the most of a life focused around enjoyment. For you, that enjoyment might mean staying active and continuing to discover the secrets of the natural world, or it might mean becoming attached to a community of local and welcoming people, or it could simply be enjoying a luxury lifestyle. These are six luxury destinations for retirement.


You have two popular options for a retirement in Portugal. If you head to the Algarve then you can experience beautiful summers and moderate winters, but perhaps the biggest draw is the world-renowned golf courses that you can choose from. However, Lisbon is also becoming a popular retirement choice, and if you choose to live in Lisbon you can enjoy a vibrant community in a city full of activities. Many expatriates and English speakers live around Lisbon, so you won’t ever feel isolated if you don’t speak any Portuguese.


Malaysia, and the island of Penang in particular, has become an extraordinarily popular retirement location. There is an existing English-speaking community on the island, and it has a reputation for being a music-loving culture and an incredibly safe place to live. Malaysia also has a great reputation for the healthcare it provides.    


Just as you could plan a variety of different types of vacation in Mexico, you can also have a few different retirements. Head to Baja California for sun, sand and relaxation, and plenty of fishing and local bars. However, San Miguel de Allende is starting to attract artists, writers and scholars from all over the world, so this might be a good place to keep up with your cultural pursuits.

United Kingdom

This will involve trading off the sunshine, but this country has extraordinary variety. In London, you’ll find it easy to keep yourself busy, and there are so many activities and events taking place all year round that you’ll have to constantly remind yourself to slow down. However, you could just as easily move to a remote village in the Scottish Highlands or, for example, in the center of the Forest of Dean if you want to live in the heart of some of the country’s traditional landscapes. The benefit of the United Kingdom is that you are only ever an inexpensive and short flight away from the rest of Europe.


There are luxury Caribbean villas in almost every corner of the Caribbean, but the island you choose depends on your tastes. Many choose Grand Cayman for the focus on fun and activity, especially in terms of water sports and sea life, but there is also an emphasis on a nature. There’s nothing more idyllic to some than coming home to one of the many luxury Caribbean villas after a day exploring the mangrove forests and taking pictures of the wildlife, so see if you can find the right home for you on Provenance Properties.


Ecuador is well known for being one of the most breath-taking countries in the world, but aside from the scenery the country was found to be the third best retirement location in the world by Global Retirement. Two factors are the dollar economy and the world-class healthcare, but the mountain air and many natural environments are just as conducive to finding tranquility.

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