If you visit a friend’s home which has a luxury interior or stay in an opulently appointed hotel, you immediately get a certain feeling of warmth, security and style – a je ne sais quoi that can be difficult to articulate.


Trying to recreate this feeling in your own place isn’t always easy. It isn’t simply a matter of buying the right furniture, textiles and standout pieces (though that certainly helps), you also need to get the fundamentals right. First of all, the house needs to have optimized technical qualities and a functional architecture. Once you have the basics of a sturdy structure, good insulation (for sound as well as heat/cold) and comfortable heating in place, it’s a matter of choosing a luxury interior design theme that complements the building itself.


If you live in a country cottage, then the style you choose isn’t likely to be the same as in an urban loft or town house. When a luxury interior style feels appropriate to its overall surroundings, it simply works better. So if it’s exclusive contemporary products you’re looking for, check these out at Vivendo to give your home the luxurious Italian touch. For instance, their premium hand-finished leather sofas and metal dining tables crafted from satin stainless steel speak of opulence and style in a way that complement urban living, but probably wouldn’t feel right if it’s rustic charm you’re going for.

Choosing the right décor and furnishings, and not skimping on the details, is what it’s all about. To add that sense of luxury to your home, bear in mind the following points.

Simplicity is key for luxury interior

The temptation can be to over-decorate a space, but this can result in a disorganized and cluttered look. Pick a few ornamental items you love, perhaps those that evoke memories of trips taken in the past or that have sentimental value. Having a simplified space will allow individual elements in the room to stand out.


Blend fabrics and textures

You can add a sense of luxury by layering with a range of different materials and textures. The sleek lines of glass and metal furniture can be softened with the use of vintage or antique textiles in the room, as drapes, throw pillows or as upholstery seat cushions. Choosing unusual fabrics will add character and the more luxurious the material, the more decadent the space will feel.

Add a sculpture or artwork

Most furnishings tend to be a mix of straight lines and curved forms. Add interest for the eye with an unusually shaped piece of furniture such as a coffee table carved from a slice of a knotty tree or a fake trophy head made of resin or wires that will draw people’s attention as they enter the room.


Alternatively, buy an oversized painting or photograph and will dominate one wall – it’s an easy way to create a high-impact effect. It doesn’t have to be figurative; large pieces of abstract art can create an equally dramatic effect.

Stay true to your chosen style

With any item that you choose, remember that as a general rule you always get what you pay for, so skimping on anything will lessen the overall effect. Buy each piece with care, and consider how it will fit with your chosen decorating theme. Make sure you buy things that you love, rather than think you should like, and you’ll create that elusive effect you’re looking for.

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