Just because you are the mother, it doesn’t mean you can’t show off your style sense. You should feel comfortable and confident about your child’s wedding day. So, take your time to find a dress that suits your taste. Following, we are giving a few tips that will help you look chic on the big day!

  1. Conduct an Online Research

Almost every major store has a wedding category. You will find the mother of the bride dresses in a wide range of sizes, colors and other options. It’s a good place to start your research. Online stores offer at-home try-on with easy returns.

A pro-tip, you don’t have to search specifically for mother of the bride or groom dresses, you can find some great picks at wedding guests, or evening/cocktail wear.

  1. Highlight Your Plus Points

You need to find something that is supple and moves like stretch lace. Just mind some basics, yes you can wear a sparkly mesh, but you don’t want to steal the attention from bride and groom. Three trends that will take off in 2019 are tea-length gowns, off the shoulder sheath, and knee-length sheath with stretch lace or beads. Choose between these trends based on your taste and comfort. They won’t let you down.

  1. Hair and Makeup

You have to try your hair and makeup once before the big day. It will help work out any pertaining issue. This will save you the trouble of doing them on the big day. You can also have an on-call makeup artist. Just book them a month before the big day.

If you can afford, you should have a trial run. You want to be the best version of yourself. So, you better avoid untried suggestions given at the last minute.

  1. Make a List of Possibilities

It will sound odd, but you need to compile a “what if” list. It will help you anticipate last-second issues which will ruin your peace and look on the big day. If you plan an extended event with rehearsal dinner or post-wedding brunch, things will be even tough. So, you need a prepare yourself for any mishaps. USE dryer fabric softener sheet to sooth your hair once they are dry.

You need to use Spanx to smoothen your dress and add gel inserts in heels so you can be comfortable for hours

  1. Don’t Follow the Bridesmaid

Yes, its true you can borrow some elements from the bridesmaid or flower girl dresses. But this doesn’t suggest you should strictly follow them. So, avoid wearing the same color as any of them. You are the mother of Bride or Groom; you have to stand out from them.

Don’t blend in with them. Also, avoid wearing white. If you want something tried and tested, try gold or champagne, it looks great on mothers!

  1. Accessorise

You need to carefully choose your accessories including jewelry, shoes, shawls, and handbag. It will amp up your look while showing your sense of style. If you don’t feel well about your dress, you can always complement it with great footwear, earrings or purse. Just don’t overdo anything!

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