Magic mushrooms are becoming increasingly popular in recent times. Thanks to the broadening spectrum of research in the segment, today, we understand the many benefits these fungi can offer apart from inducing an intensely psychoactive experience. 


For many years, users across the world have consumed raw magic mushrooms. But unlike the store-bought mushrooms we utilize in our kitchen, magic mushrooms have a raw, meaty taste and a heavy texture that could be quite difficult to eat. Many also say that they experienced extreme nausea after consuming the fungi due to the raw flavors.


So is there a better way to relish these magical ingredients? Well, the answer is absolute, yes!

Why Magic Mushroom Tea?

The sight of a hot cup of tea is the gateway to happiness. The blissful warmth and deep flavors of the beverage enable us to feel better instantly. Magic mushroom tea infuses the powerful compounds of the fungi into a simple brew. It is an elegant way for magic mushrooms.


Tea fanatics from across the globe, such as the Chinese, Japanese, Romans, and Greek, have recognized mushroom tea’s effects for over many centuries now. A concentrated mushroom concoction with specific herbal blends is recognized as the elixir of life in traditional Chinese medicine. The reason is the fungi’s adaptogenic properties that aid in coping with stress and its effects on the body. 


Today psychonauts recognize shroom tea as one of the best ways to consume magic mushrooms, given it makes the entire experience more pleasurable and comfortable. Some of the most popular varieties used for magic mushroom tea are Reishi, Turkey Tail, Lion`s Mane, Cordyceps, Maitake, and Chaga. Each of these varieties contains unique properties that can improve overall health.  


Is Experience Different?


Is there any difference in experiencing psilocybin in a tea vs. when we eat? Yes. As we discussed earlier, shrooms can be very difficult to consume raw due to their complex taste profile that may not agree with everyone. Whereas in a tea, only a hint of the flavors is present, making it easier to consume. 


Also, it is possible to brew a herbal tea consisting of a variety of other compounds that could help enhance the flavors, intensify the high, or reduce the high intensity. For example, creating a lemon elixir with honey, lemon juice could enhance the digestion and reduce nausea. Apart from improving the taste, it can enhance the trip as well. Similarly, some experimental brews such as hibiscus, ashwagandha, licorice root could be a herbal blend of healthy and delicious ingredients with shrooms that makes the entire experience more interesting and fun. It opens up many possibilities to get creative and enjoy the benefits of the fungi dipped in eccentric flavors. 


Another dominant reason for consuming shrooms as tea is that users can experience the trip faster than raw mushrooms. It could also be slightly more intense, although the duration might be small. It is because the powdered mushrooms or brewed shroom tea have psychoactive compounds that are more evenly dispersed. It makes it easy for the digestive system to absorb the psychoactive compounds faster and more effectively, thus making the trip more intense. 


5 Steps To Brew Mushroom Tea

Raw Mushroom Tea

This method uses raw mushroom truffles to create a fine tea that induces a rich trip. It is very simple to create and quite effective. You can also add other ingredients of your choice to customize the tea, such as ashwagandha, for elevated benefits. 


Step 1: Find good quality mushroom from a trusted vendor and weigh the right amount required based on the desired dosage. 

Step 2: Cut the shrooms into small pieces and place them inside a teapot. Make sure the surface area of the shrooms is small to increase exposure to the water. It will ensure the chemicals from the magic mushroom infuse well in the tea. 

Step 3: Add two teaspoons of lemon juice to the mushrooms and let it sit for about 10 minutes. 

Step 4: Boil water and let it cool for a few minutes. Pour the hot water into the pot containing the mushrooms and let the mixture steep for about 20 minutes. 

Step 5:Add honey to the tea, and it is ready to serve. 


Powdered Mushroom Tea:


While using the raw shrooms is an amazing way of creating a fresh brew of mushroom tea, you can use ground mushrooms for this process. 


Step 1: Weight the right dosage of high-quality mushrooms required, and air dry them. 

Step 2: Place them in a coffee grinder or herb grinder and derive a fine powder. 

Step 3: Add two spoons of lemon juice, some ginger, and the mushroom powder. 

Step 4: Pour hot water (should not be boiling) over the mixture and stir thoroughly. 

Step 5: Let the tea steep for about 20 minutes before consumption. 


Tip: Preparing a dry powder is an effective way to create a ready to use mushroom tea powder. You can read more news to add ginger powder, mushroom powder to any herbal mixture of your choice, and keep it ready to brew any time. Make sure to dry the mushrooms completely before preparing the powder to increase the shelf life.  



Preparing mushroom tea is a simple process that requires little time. There are ample benefits to relishing this tea regularly. It also adds a subtle flavor to mushrooms’ raw taste and makes it rather pleasing to consume. Try this simple recipe at home to enjoy a magical trip. go through Food Magazine fo rmore. 


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