Actor Jared Harris is the eternal acting renaissance man. slipping from character to character as if by whim (at least to us viewers). But every move and machination is a calculated one, and something that defines the actor as a continual go to guy for big and small screens. Most recently, Harris took on the role of King George VI beloved King of England and father to one of the longest reigning monarchs in history, HRH Queen Elizabeth, in the Netflix series, The Crown.  Here the actor talked briefly with Destination Luxury on caviar, shoes, and his love of opera…food.

Jared Harris

(Actor Jared Harris and wife Allegra Riggio at the premiere of The Crown)

King George. Lane Pryce. Professor Moriarty. Andy Warhol.

1. I love the Charlotte Street Hotel in London. My favorite of all the Firmdale Hotels. As with the other properties, it’s cozy, idiosyncratic style, makes it feel like an English country home in the middle of the city. They treat you like family, and it’s a great location.
CSH-OBS-400-towards-Fireplace-HR_Slideshow CSH-OBS-500-Bedroom-Landscape-v2-HR_Slideshow
2. Caviar. I remember the days of air travel when they’d wheel a display of caviar by on a trolley. Times certainly have changed on that front, but my wife Allegra and I try to enjoy caviar on special occasions, including every Christmas whilst unwrapping presents by the fire, with each shopping trip to Harrod’s and every time we pass through Heathrow Airport.

caviar by the fire(Caviar and champagne by the fire at Chez Harris, Los Angeles)

3. The Steirereck Restaurant in Stadtpark in Vienna is an absolute favorite. We had a 4 hour lunch there and wandered back home through the park, our bellies full, our appetites sated and happily pissed from the gorgeous wines.


4. Fluevog shoes. They are handmade, stylish, original in design and women always quietly check out a man’s shoes, so they make an excellent first impression.

5. Dinner at The Metropolitan Opera. My wife Allegra turned me on to this and it has become my favorite night out in NYC. Opera’s are not known for their brevity, the intermissions are 45 minutes long and there are usually 2 of them. At the Met the first intermission you settle in for your appetizer and entree, and during the second, desert with wine followed by coffee. There’s just enough time and it’s heaven from beginning to end.


Written by Susan Michals. 

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