Though this boutique hotel is located in the heart of mid-town, it brings a sleek downtown contemporary vibe to the Manhattan scene. In the main lobby, you will see black and white fashion photographs by renown fashion photographer Deborah Turbeville that hang on the walls. One of the images has 5 models posing seductively in a tiled shower–all the photographs add to the ultramodern elements of the hotel.

After you pass the main checkin, you enter the ultra-stylish and hip lobby. Furniture is rounded, minimalist and bring a sensual yet sophisticated look to the space. Staggered spaceship-like vases hang from the walls holding velvet colored flowers. Pristine marble floors add decadence to the clean modernist design. The tan walls are bare but a heavenly light falls from the sky creating an ethereal ambiance.

The executive board room lies behind the main hotel lobby. 4 white tables are surrounded by baby blue chairs creating a 60s-mod-like atmosphere. During the daytime, natural light falls through the glass windows that sit in the back of the ceiling creating a stunning visual effect.

The rooms are spacious and housed with stunning back-lit mood lighting and an amazing bed. You are sure to get the deepest of sleep with fitted and luxurious 300-count linens and plush comforters. Selected rooms are equipped with PS2s, Xbox 360, Bose Wave Radio Music systems and LG Plasma. You feel like you are housed in a space-age environment with suede walls surrounding the gorgeous space. After a stressful day, come back to your room and relax on your state of the art massage chair (only in deluxe room).

If you are lucky enough to get a room on the penthouse floor, expect a large wooden patio with an astounding 180 degree view of the Manhattan skyscrapers.

During spring and summer months, the weather is perfect and this is the place to host a ravishing cocktail party to entertain the best of friends. The complimentary wi-fi connection extends to the outdoor patio allowing you to work while you sit under one of the most spectacular views of the city. There is nothing like amazing scenery to keep you productive.

The Shoreham bar features a futuristic design with fluid curvaceous lines and stunning mood lighting. The hues of green, yellow and blue permeate throughout the room creating an environment filled with sophistication. A cosmopolitan crowd populates the venue–many of them having cocktails before they have a night on the town.

Shoreham Hotel
33 West 55th St
NY NY 10019


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