Even though many people consider vaping as an alternative to nicotine delivery systems, the rules are not the same when traveling. So, don’t be tempted to assume that traveling with your vaping devices is simple. The rules and regulations are much more complicated.


The bright side is that almost everyone working at the airport knows what a vaping device is. With this, no one will think you are a threat to national security. However, you need to know that airport workers are strict about governing travel with vape gear. 

In a bid to help vapers have a stress-free journey, here is a combination of tips to help travel with vaping gear. 

  1. Know the Law of the Land

Countries around the world have distinct laws regarding vaping. While these laws could seem unreasonable, there is nothing you can do about them. 

It is not wrong to assume that any law regarding nicotine delivery systems also applies to vape. Sadly, a couple of countries are pretty strict when it comes to vaping compared to such systems. With this, try not to vape indoors, in public, in vehicles, trains, etc., except when the ground law says otherwise.

While consuming nicotine through other nicotine delivery systems is allowed in Brazil, Thailand, and India, a vaporizer has its share of regulations. You could be heavily fined if caught with vaping gear. While you can vape in Australia, Norway, and Japan, sales of e-liquid with nicotine are not allowed.  You can buy products  from best online vape shop.


Battery Safety

A vape is not complete without a battery. However, the presence of a battery in vaping gear makes the rule of carrying it on a plane pretty complicated. When you consider the tendency of explosion and risk of a fire, this is quite understandable.

The stigma from the bad press is one reason most airlines, if not all, frown against storing vaping devices in check-in luggage. This, however, is not new as the airport treats all battery-powered devices the same way.

This does not mean you can’t take your battery in your carry-on bag. A better idea is to remove the battery from the mod. For people using a wax pen, unscrew the chamber and drain the battery.


How To Carry E-Liquids

Some years back, various aviation regulators worldwide drafted strict laws for aerosols, liquids, and gas containers more than 100 ml from commercial flights. 

Since such types of liquids are inflammable, they pose a significant threat in-air because of the changing air pressure. 

You cannot vape without your e-liquid. However, the bright side is that many come in 100 ml bottles. Hence, you should have no issue. Ensure the container is within the 100 ml threshold and store it along with other accessories in a clear bag.

For people traveling for an extended period, there is the opportunity to fill a bottle or similar container with your favorite liquid and store it in your checked back. Look for reliable sellers who sell high-quality e-juices on the market like trusted epods at ejuices.com


Find Out Everything There is to Know

Reading this article is one of the many steps you need to take to ensure you have a hassle-free trip. Also, you need to know how the area you are visiting reacts to vaping.

Since nicotine delivery system users have commonly designated areas to enjoy their habit,  no one will harass them. Vaping, however, is pretty complicated. Since a vape device is battery-powered, you cannot operate and use it anywhere you choose to.


Don’t Bring All Your Gear

One of the things that make vaping interesting is the variety. Devices are unlimited, as well as the styles available. It is a bad idea to travel with your building gear for builders in particular that use RTAs(Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) and RDA (Rebuildable Drip Atomizer).

There is an excellent chance that you will have an unpleasant time, especially if the security officer knows nothing about vaping, let alone rebuildable dripping atomizers. 

So, to save yourself some stress and embarrassment, use a vape pen or vape coils while traveling.


Be Mindful of Your Surroundings

Airports have become more and more sophisticated over the years. Everything people need to have a seamless journey with the hours of waiting is there.

This was why many had designated areas to consume nicotine through several delivery systems. With time, this changed, but a few airports made indoor lounges to allow users to enjoy their sessions. Yet, many airports don’t have this. If you need to consume nicotine through such delivery systems, you have to go outside the premises.

These restrictions apply to vape as well. Be sure you know the regulations of the airport before consuming the substance.



There is no law against traveling with your vaping accessories. So, taking your time to learn about the requirements of your destination and every other thing you need to know will go a long way in making sure you have a seamless journey.

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