Over the past decade, global marijuana use has grown by a whopping 60%. Marijuana has gone from a societal taboo to mainstream medicine that you can find legally in shops throughout the country. And as marijuana has progressed, so has marijuana paraphernalia.

If you have a stoner in your life who you want to show appreciation towards, then continue reading learn about some of the best gifts for stoners that are available today.

1. Ceramic Bong

While regular glass bongs are all nice and dandy, those who really want to smoke in style would love a ceramic bing. These black-glazed ceramic bongs offer you a quality smoke while shielding your eyes from all of the off-putting visuals you see with a normal bong. 

It also just looks so cool on your coffee table.

2. Dab Rigs

Unlike bongs, dab rigs are relatively new to the world of smoking. A dab rig is a type of smoking pipe that’s used to smoke oils and concentrates. 

The rig makes use of a two-step process. First, the user uses a torch to heat up a nail before they “dab” the concentrated extracts from the herbs onto the nail surface. After the concentrates are in place on the nail, the user inhales the vapor through the mouthpiece on the dab rig.

3. Cannabis Odor Removing Set

Some people love the smell of marijuana. Others can’t stand it. Whether your special stoner wants to be discrete or just respectful to their neighbors, a cannabis odor removing set is always handy to have around. 

These sets come with odor removing sprays and candles that help to get rid of smells instead of just covering them up. Plus, the set leaves behind a minty, pleasant smell that’s reminiscent of grassy fields in summer.

4. Marijuana Subscription Box

Yes, weed subscription boxes are an actual thing and they’re amazing. For only $30 a month, your friend will get a box of useful and fun devices and accessories. From bowls to roach clips to rolling papers, you never know what crazy little piece you’ll get in each box.

And even better, you’re not just getting wasteful junk that’s going to break after first use. These are high-quality items from some of the most reputable marijuana brands. 

5. Geekey

If your stoner enjoys smoking in public, then you should consider getting them the Geekey. This handy little device is a bowl that’s shaped like a key. And it can even be used as a nifty utility tool.

Not only will this device help to get you high, but it’s also going to help drive a screw, file your nails, or even fix your bike. It’s basically a Swiss Army Knife for the stoner crowd.

6. Cannabis Humidor

It’s not just cigars that you need to take care of during storage. Marijuana also benefits from being stored in ideal conditions. And purchasing a cannabis humidor is a great way to keep your weed fresh.

These devices are made from beautiful, solid wood and they feature double-sealed lids so that no odors escape. They also come with glass containers for you to store your weed in. And many even come with a key and lock for maximums safety.

7. Wood Tray

Any self-respecting stoner knows better than to grind up their weed and roll their blunts right on the coffee table. This is not only messy but also shows poor etiquette. Instead, buy this a smooth wooden tray made specifically for grinding, rolling, and all other weed activities. 

And when the tray isn’t being used for stoner adventures, it doubles as a classy valet.

8. Titanium Grinder

A titanium grinder is probably the best type of grinder out there. These are going to deliver smooth and consistent grinds. And nothing sticks to the teeth of these grinders.

Now, users no longer have to scrape and pinch in order to get the rest of their herb out. With these, the marijuana bits slide out just like hot butter sliding off of a knife. 

9. Puffco Peak Vaporizer

The Peak by Puffco is a water-filtered vape that’s beautifully designed. It works with concentrates and also offers four unique settings for heat. So beginners can easily get started with this device while more experienced stoners can really dial up the intensity.

It even comes with a “sesh-mode.” With this mode turned on, your session is extended so that you can have a more social experience while smoking. 

The ceramic bowl in the device is able to intelligently calibrate the heat so you can a more consistent smoke. And unlike other vapes that take several minutes to get ready, this one heats up almost instantly. So just put your wax, fire it up, and get ready for an adventure. 

Which of the Best Gifts for Stoners Will You Get?

As we can see, there are all kinds of fun gifts out there for all kinds of smokers. But when it comes to picking among the best gifts for stoners, that’s going to come down to the smoking style of that very special stoner in your life. 

So before you make a purchase, make sure you know what they like to smoke, how they like to smoke it, and how adventurous they are when it comes to their smoking habits. And don’t worry. Any of the gifts listed above are sure to put a smile on the face of any stoner. 

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