Thailand’s magnificent scenery full of turquoise seas, white sand beaches, sky touching mountains and beautiful rivers makes it the most attractive and popular tourist destination. Not only this, the exotic culture of Thailand with mouth watering cuisines and spectacular temples and historical monuments will make you addicted to this place. 

Are you planning your Thai Vacation? Here are the top 5 ways to spend your Thai Vacation in Luxury! 

Treat Yourself To Accomodation In A Luxury Villa

Rather than a large five star hotel why not pamper yourself with the private delights of a luxury villa. You can book a private luxury villa to get all the luxury in just one place. Inspiring Villas Thailand have the finest luxury villas laden with all the facilities you can dream of. You can choose from different categories such as beach view villas, wedding villas or large group villas that are specifically designed to fulfill all your needs. This is the perfect way to spend a peaceful memorable weekend with your family and loved ones. 

Get Yourself A Premium Seat At The Dazzling Shows

The dazzling shows that you can only witness in Thailand with extravagant costumes and majestic props can literally take your breath. The best way to live this show in luxury is by booking a premium seat just in the middle of the theatre with complimentary buffet. The dazzling show will amaze you by depicting the rich culture and history of Thailand in just a few hours with so many ornate details and dance performances. 

Hop On The Eastern & Orient Express’s Classic Route

The glossy green brass trimmed carriages of the Eastern & Orient Express train can take anyone’s attention. If you’re planning to extend your vacation to the surrounding countries, you can also consider travelling by this train to live all the luxury. The three night journey in this train will let you witness the bridge on the river kwai and the Thai-Burma railway station. You’ll cross malaysia during this journey and the train will finish in Singapore. You’ll get a private cabin that will act as a lounge in day and will turn into your sleeping quarters at night. Don’t forget about the delicious buffet and complimentary drinks! 

Get On A Luxury Cruise & Travel Around Beautiful Island

If you’re dreaming of a romantic getaway with you better half, you can hop on a luxury cruise to watch the sunsets over the emerald green seas with a slight fragrance and a glass of red wine in hand. There are plenty of luxurious cruises in Thailand that you can pick from.

Hire A Private Yacht

If you’re with a large group, the best way to explore the luxury in Thailand is by hiring a private yacht to drool over the best islands in Thailand. What is better than avoiding all the tourist crowd and having a great experience just with your group. Don’t forget about the mouth-watering snacks and buffet that are set up specially for you. You can even relax in the on-board jacuzzi or dive into the clear water to witness the wonders of the underwater world. 

Other than these things, there is a lot to see and explore in Thailand. Don’t forget about the famous Thai massage!

If you’ve any more queries, do let us know in the comments section!


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