Worried about your dental health? Feeling lack of confidence due to the appearance of your teeth? Want a good reason to show your teeth? Keeping them healthy is easy! Simply reduce sugar consumption and care about hygiene using the right products. Learn more here

With the hectic routine, sometimes there is no time to brush your teeth after meals, right? Well try to make an effort. After all, a healthy smile, as well as boosting self-esteem, even prevents heart problems. Brush your teeth at least after breakfast and lunch and before bed. Just using toothpaste and brushing is not enough – flossing is indispensable to prevent caries and gum disease. Move the gum brush toward the tip of the teeth. Then brush their surface and floss the leftover food. Housekeeping should also include the tongue, sides and roof of the mouth. When hygiene is poor, there is a risk of pain, tenderness and plaque, favoring tooth decay. Over time, plaque buildup can also cause gum inflammation, bad breath and even tooth loss. See tips for good oral health (and visit a local dentist every six months).

Beware of whitening products

You can lighten the smile with a laser in the dentist’s chair, but be aware that products for sale in pharmacies and supermarkets are good options. However, before adhering to the technique, consult a specialist for a detailed examination – tooth sensitivity, gum inflammation and even tooth decay may be aggravated by treatment. Remember that restorations do not change color. And homemade tricks are contraindicated.


Prefer non-caries foods that favor proper chewing, such as raw vegetables. The most fibrous ones (pear, apple, orange and carrot) generate greater friction on the surface of the teeth, thus helping to eliminate food scraps between them.

Sweet mistake

Soda, chocolate and bread, just to name a few, are a full plate for caries-causing bacteria. Both the amount of sugar and carbohydrates ingested and the frequency interfere with the development of the disease. When eating these goodies, run to brush your teeth!

Protect your child’s smile

Caring for the child’s teeth begins in pregnancy. The future mom should follow a diet rich in minerals, calcium and vitamins A and D for the baby to have a strong and healthy dentition. After birth, proper hygiene and nutrition help to form permanent teeth.

Tape or dental wire

They perform the same function. The tape is usually best for those with very close teeth. If you suffer from tenderness or bleeding gums, be sure to use them because good hygiene prevents these problems.

Opt for a soft, long stem and small head. And don’t forget to change it every couple of months, because the bacteria in your mouth stay there. Keeping it very dry in the closet protects it from the contamination of the “pets” that inhabit the bathroom.

Gel or dental cream

Most contain fluoride which, in addition to promoting enamel remineralization, combats tooth decay. However, there are folders with more specific functions that depend on the dentist’s appointment.

Mouth Rinse

Use of the product is optional. If you want to adopt it, always opt for an alcohol free formula.

Although often underestimated, dental health is very important. If left untreated, teeth can become “damaged” and in many cases, “rot”, encouraging other diseases to appear, one of which is what is commonly called kidney trouble. Decayed teeth are also sometimes regarded as one of the factors causing gum cancer. Hopefully this article can open your horizons about how to maintain healthy teeth on a daily basis and encourage you to visit a dentist in Woodbridge. Thank you for reading.


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