Many of us go abroad on business every year to all manner of locations. But business travel is not often associated with luxury travel. And that’s a shame because there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the lap of luxury on a business trip. It’s just a case of going that extra mile to make the experience more memorable.

If you run your own business, this might be a little easier because you can spend a little more. But, even if you’re on expenses, there’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy the pinnacle of travel. Here are a few fantastic ways you can keep the luxury up even when you’re on a business trip.

Fine Dining

The first part of the luxury experience has got to be the food. It’s so important to make sure you’re getting the best quality food you can. And this will often depend upon where you are. There’s no doubt that many hotels and resorts will have incredible cuisine. There are plenty of executive chefs too who produce luxury food. This is important when you’re away on business, as you need to be well nourished. You also might find that you have to entertain clients and take them for dinner. The more luxurious you can go, the better experience they’ll have, and the better the impression you’ll leave.

Chauffeur Driven

Then we should look at the next cog in the luxury wheel – luxury travel. Now, no doubt when you flew you went first class or business class. So, now you’ve got to think about how you’re going to get around when you’re there. There’s no point in considering anything other than a chauffeur driven executive car service. You want to be able to get around in the back of a luxurious car, with a specially trained driver. Luxury travel is so important for enjoying a luxury trip. It makes you feel good and projects the right business impression.

Make Sure You Look the Part

When you embrace luxury, a lot of it is about keeping up appearances. You need to fully immerse yourself in the luxury experience. And this means you have to make sure you look the part all the time. The best way to achieve this is to dress yourself up as much as you can. If you’re a man, then you need to make sure you’re always in a suit. If you’re a woman, you might think about a dress or a skirt and blazer. If you look the part, you will feel the part, and that’s important.

Stay in Luxury

And, of course, you mustn’t forget the accommodation aspect. There are plenty of options available to you. You might opt to stay in the Das Stue hotel in Berlin. Or you may even have a chalet or resort in mind instead. Wherever you’re traveling to, make sure you stay in the best luxury you possibly can.


Just because you’re traveling abroad for business doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a great time. You can still have a memorable and enjoyable business trip. And, in order to do this, why not make sure you keep up luxury when you’re abroad. A business trip can still be high-end, as this post illustrates.

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