A wedding – for most of us – is once in a lifetime kind of a thing. Most of us want to have a lavish wedding that everyone would remember for a long time. But, it is not really an easy thing.


Back in the days, people used to book huge banquet halls and invite celebrities to make things memorable. However, the game has changed now as people now prefer to go for a destination wedding, which comes with its own benefits. The market is huge and currently stands at about sixteen billion dollars in spending. This shows just how popular destination weddings are.


Before moving ahead, let’s understand what a destination wedding really is. It is basically a wedding that takes place in a different country or city.


When you think of it, destination wedding sounds like a problem. You have to travel with everyone to a different country and have to take care of so much from hotel bookings to food.


This may sound overwhelming, but in reality it is not. In fact, many reports even indicate that destination weddings can cost less than a traditional wedding, given that you plan properly. You also even hire a planner to take care of things, but that is just an added expense.


If you are planning to opt for a destination wedding, then you have landed on the right page. Given below are some tips on how to have a lavish destination wedding:



  • Be Careful About the Country


The most important thing is your destination country. You should ideally pick a country that has an easy visa policy, is affordable, and also within reach.


Some top destination wedding locations include Mexico, Dubai, and Maldives. However, you do not necessarily have to fly to a different country, especially if you are traveling with a number of people. It can be a very expensive deal.


You can opt to go to a different city or state within your own country. It will also serve as as a destination wedding since you will be in a different location but without the worry of visas and currency exchanges.



  • Choose a Good Place to Stay


You should ideally pick a resort that specifically caters to destination weddings. Such resorts have especially trained staff that knows how to take care of not just the couple but also the guests.


However, such resorts can be very expensive. A simple tip to save money is to book in advance. Also, look for a hotel that has great amenities in addition to the privacy your event needs.


Moreover, before you book a hotel, let them know about the purpose of your visit as some hotels might not be interested in hosting a wedding.



  • Have Activities for Everyone


Sit down and plan activities. For example, if your wedding is a 3-day event, make sure to break it down into activities.


Day 1 can be about fun and games. Day 2 can be about shopping and chilling and day 3 can be the wedding itself.


Just make sure to plan properly so that no days are wasted and everyone gets something to do.



  • Pay Special Attention to the Decor


Many resorts and hotels will offer special discounts on decor, but you should make it a point to give your own inputs as well.


We suggest that you make use of custom stickers to decorate the venue since they are very affordable and can be used in a number of ways.


  1. Food is Also Important

Choose a menu according to the taste of the guests. Pick a menu that’s delicious and affordable.


Many resorts and hotels have special wedding venues but some of them are not very carefully designed, so make sure to do some research and think of a menu that fulfills everyone’s hunger.


This is it. This is all you need to know in order to have a great destination wedding. Remember, the key lies in planning. You need to start to plan your destination wedding well in advance so that you can have a great event. All the best.

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