Between the vastness of the North Atlantic Ocean and beautiful eastern coast of Florida, calmly lies the Bahamas – the unapologetically gorgeous heaven on earth. The Bahamas is that diva who is naive yet gritty; charismatic along with a touch of enigma and adorns beauty which is mesmerizing yet prodigious. And these unique features of the Bahamas are the ones which make it a dream destination for many tourists.

Yes, we are talking about the Bahamas where you look at the sky and wonder how merely a sight of blue color can captivate your heart? The sparkling sand stretched under your feet makes you feel alive. And the dancing sunlight on bluish-green waves entices you to dance on the beat of happiness and joy. And the best thing about this archipelago, comprised of more than 700 sub-tropical islands, is that its every island has a specialty like no other.

From the upbeat and bustling life of Nassau, remarkable landmarks of Bimini and never-ending mangroves of Andros, the Bahamas has everything you want on your vacation trip. That’s why people love to come here! And if you are also thinking to take a plunge in the serene life of the Bahamas, then here is what you need to know before setting on a once in a lifetime extravaganza:

Clothes to Flaunt:

Traveling to a cold place might give you the pleasure of enjoying snowy moments, but packing a whole bunch of clothes is so annoying. The Bahamas is not the one! One of the perks of traveling to a sub-tropical destination is that you don’t have to pack thick sweaters and jackets that occupy half of your suitcase. Light and breezy clothes do the wonder which you can flaunt easily throughout the adventures of the day and fun of the night.

Other than December to February, when winter also sprinkles it’s cold magic in the Bahamas, you can fearlessly go there with your summer clothes. Well, not necessarily the Hawaiian shirt, but some cool shirts for beach time, fine blazers for clubbing and casual clothes for a city tour.

A place to Lodge:

The Bahamas is home to some of the most renowned and lavish resorts which have everything to give you a taste of luxury and comfort. From their prime location, myriad amenities and pristine ambiance, these resorts are always ready to add more spice to your memorable trip.

But if you want to ditch tourists bustle and soak in the serenity of nature, then these resorts might not be your kind of thing. Instead, look into Bahamas vacation rentals and find you a rental home somewhere far away from the hustle of the main area. You can rent an isolated home where you can spend some quality time with your family while inhaling the calm of the Bahamas.

There are so many lodging options here as per your taste and mood that you don’t have to worry about your stay.

The currency that Works:

The Bahamian dollar is equal to the U.S. dollar, so you don’t need to exchange money if you have U.S. dollar (except in some cases). The Bahamas might be sitting on the far end of the map, but it is as high-end as any other happening tourist destination. You can use Visa and MasterCard as well as traveler’s cheque in main places like Nassau Paradise Island and Grand Bahamas Island.

Well, if you don’t want to pay a small amount of transaction fees charged by some companies on international transactions, then you should take enough money from home – if you can keep it safe.

Accessories to Take Along:

High-SPF sunscreen is a staple while visiting a sub-tropical destination, and the Bahamas is a one. Pack a good quality sunscreen and wear it every day on your vacation if you don’t want to return with a suntan. Besides your chargers, don’t forget to bring water casing for your phone and other digital gadgets if you don’t want to miss taking a selfie while kayaking in the crystal clear water of the Caribbean Sea.

Besides keeping other fun enhancing things, don’t forget about your health. Keep medicines for common health issues like cough, flu, and fever. And if you have any other health issues like blood pressure and diabetes, then keep medicine for it as well. After all, you would never like to destroy your fun trip merely because of missing out medicine.

Once you touch the land of the Bahamas, set yourself free and let its vibes drive you. That’s what most people do to enjoy their trip to the fullest. Trust the Bahamian vibes; they are the best guide!

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