The VIP experience is always preferred: better drinks, better seats, a place to get away from all those “other” people. While generally relegated to a skybox in a stadium or a roped off area in the club, there are some VIP experiences that are just too good to share, but we love you enough to let you in the in crowd.


Behind a secret door in AT&T Park, in a mislabeled room, is the highly secretive and incredibly cool Gotham Club. The Gotham Club experience is namely about two rooms: The Game Room, which features a two-lane bowling alley, pool table, arcade games of years gone by, and photos and memorabilia of times gone by, and the The Clubhouse bar and restaurant located behind the out-of-town scoreboard. A modern speakeasy that’s members only, it might be more fun than actually going to a Giant’s game.

THE VIATOR SISTINE CHAPEL EXPERIENCE promises to have you travel like an insider, and they deliver with a private viewing of the Sistine Chapel. Due to an exclusive deal with the Vatican, those lucky enough to snag a spot get to enjoy an after-hours viewing of one of the most famous cathedrals in the world with only about 15 people. Ideal for anyone who wanted to bask in the glory of The Creation of Adam with commentary from a guide that you can actually hear. Clearly worth the amazingly-reasonable $409 price tag.



Of course Walt Disney World would have it’s own VIP treatment: After all, this is the theme park with it’s own secret club –  Club 33. VIP guests get chauffeured from their hotel room directly into the parks proper, where they get front of the line access, an exclusive lounge, and a whole day designed to make sure the VIP customers get to do exactly what they want. Three hours on the Haunted Mansion for me, please!


At Victoria’s Secret flagship store in London, this private section on the second floor lets customers live the life of an Angel, with velvety sofas, photos of famous Angels, pink flowers, and a private fitting to make sure you’re wearing the right size brassiere. Classy and sexy in one, would you expect anything else from Victoria’s Secret?


Rococo beauty and Parisian decadence. Would anyone really be surprised to find out that there’s a VIP area in Versailles? Brought you by CityDiscovery, you’ll get to see the Hall of Mirrors and The Gardens, which are stunning in their own right. You can also go ahead and explore the Royal Chapel or the Opera House – completely off limits to the general public! Historic and awe inspiring, it’s one of the best VIP experiences France doesn’t talk about.


Simply too cool to really do it justice in words, Events In The Sky allows people to have breakfast over the Grand Canyon, lunch over Istanbul, or a power-dinner over Rome. The idea is rather ingenious – a fancy meal where you and the rest of your party are suspended via crane several hundred feet in the air.


Wanna punch in your V-Card? Double entendres aside, this little piece of plastic is all you need to get into the action of Las Vegas. This card gets you VIP treatment Tao Nightclub, the Hyde Bellagio, the Marquee Dayclub, Rehab at the Hard Rock Cafe, and plenty more.


In a rare moment where the House of Mouse might be outdone by it’s major theme park competitor, the Universal Studios VIP tour lets you explore not only an awesome theme park (yes, food, and front of the line access are a given) but also lets you explore Universal’s movie and production facilities. Imagine actually seeing some of the real Universal props, costumes, and puppets on their historic back lot locations that are no open to the public outside of this tour.

If you had your choice of VIP treatment, where would you go? Let us know in the comments below.



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