There are numerous benefits of reading – that is a fact. Books are the things that allow us to delve into different worlds that offer us various experiences that are usually unavailable in real life. Other books are motivating us to achieve more! I could write my essay about various positive outcomes of reading books due to my college experience or order someone to write my essay for me. 

However, I decided to approach the topic as a college assignment, and my goal is to explore luxurious lifestyle books. While some may think that this sort of genre is quite irritating, it can be quite motivating, especially if you consider the classic American Dream that was present in the US. So, consider this piece as one of the paper topics that you might encounter as a student; those topics might be confusing, but they’re actually easy to cover.

Crazy Rich Asians

A big-screen adaptation of this novel hit the big screen with huge success, but it’s based on a novel written by Kevin Kwan. Basically, it is a very funny story about scheming, gossiping, and other classic aspects of upper-class life. However, it is flavored in a very interesting manner. It is about a girl, American-born Chinese, who decides to spend a summer with her boyfriend in Singapore only to find out that he’s one of the top bachelors in Asia! However, this puts a target on her back. So, it is a story about a clash of fates between a girl and her boyfriend’s environment. A great book for a student to explore if you’re tasked with a paper assignment to write on literature.

The Great Gatsby

Ah, the classics. There are so many pieces written about this one. This is a great novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald about the “Jazz Age” that is also known for the Great Depression. Basically, it is a novel about a really-really wealthy Jay Gatsby and his feelings for Daisy Buchanan. I could hire someone to write my essay about it because of this novel’s multitude of topics to explore! Looking through the essays by EduBirdie may actually help in exploring these topics fully. This is one of those luxurious lifestyle books that tell about the life of that 1 % during the years when you could achieve anything because of the circumstances! A great story for a student who wants to write a college assignment in an essay format.

Fifty Shades of Grey

While you may think that this is not the best book to write my essay on, it is quite suitable as a topic for writing an assignment. You’re likely familiar with this title – it was one of the US bestsellers at the time of its release, and it received a movie adaptation. Although Fifty Shades of Grey and is categorized as an erotic novel, it is actually one of the luxurious lifestyle books of sorts. It’s a story about the relationship of a young literature student Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey, a young yet handsome and brilliant entrepreneur. It is a story of a powerful man who knows about his power because of all the luxury he was able to accumulate, so, even when it comes to relationships, he participates on his own, dark, terms. 


As you can see, exploring luxurious lifestyle books is quite interesting. They allow us to peek into the lives of that 1% that are not covered by paparazzi. These people may be haunted by their own demons, either accumulated when or after becoming rich. A very interesting topic to explore, and it could easily provide a student writing a college essay with a new perception of rich people – one of the obvious examples of the benefits of reading.

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