Europe can offer a trip full of culture and new activities. Students can choose it if they want to experience and discover new things.


Traveling when you are a student can be the best thing ever because, as a student, you do not have serious responsibilities. Europe can be your destination; it offers you so many different cultures, places, and cuisines if you like trying and discovering new things. Especially in summer, Europe can show its perfect sides to you. Most of the students who are not willing to go to a foreign country give excuses such as their papers or essays for summer. You can find alternative solutions to them, such as to pay someone for essay. With a quick online search, you can find services and websites like or to get your work done. While searching, you can come across most of the best rated essay service lists online. As a student, with a small amount of money, you can both pay for your summer essays and travel to Europe. Here’s a couple of places and activities that you should visit and do if you go to Europe.

Historical Places


Europe is seen as the center of culture for a long time, and if you are interested in history and art, there are so many places to see in Europe. To learn about European culture, history, and art, here are the most interesting countries to visit.



It can be your first address with its famous villages, Pisa Tower, Collesium and tons of museums and fountains. Rome, Cinque Terre, Vernazza, and Corniglia can make you feel like you are living renaissance again in the modern world. With its magnificent natural scenery, colorful streets and buildings Italy will catch your attention quickly. 




It is famous for its medieval cities if you are a fan of the Middle Ages. Dubrovnik, one of the most famous cities in Croatia, has baroque buildings, and ancient walls that still stands today with all of their glory from the past. While learning the history, you can also spend exciting time on its beaches, which are open all summer and not very crowded as the other beaches in Europe. 




Porto can be your address if you like trying new cuisines from all the world as it is famous for its dishes. You can discover different appetites while visiting historical places, museums, and gardens, such as Igjera de Sao Francisco’s baroque finery, Palacio das Carrancas or Jardins do Palacio de Cristal. 




Europe is full of different activities that you can only experience in its local area. In this way, you can learn different things from the world and spend quality time with whom you are traveling. 




Interlaken can be your address if you like adrenaline. It is famous for peaks, and mountains, you can do rafting, canyoning, and climbing with professionals as well as with other travelers. It offers a panoramic view from its mountains which can surely amaze you. 




Reykjavik offers an experience that you cannot live anywhere else in the world, because of its location. As it is located northern part of the world, it has specific things, such as hot tubs. It also offers coastal rowing, hiking, and whale watching activities for tourists almost all summer.




With its beautiful islands, you can spend your whole summer in Greece. Santorini, one of the most famous islands of Greece, can offer you a romantic sunset, a beautiful sea, and magnificent buildings. If you want to relax and just spend all your time on the beach, Santorini is what you are looking for.


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