When treating yourself to a luxury item from a well-known brand, we want to know that we are getting what we pay for. There are few things more frustrating in the retail sense than purchasing an item in good faith, only to find out we have paid for something which is categorically not what we thought it was. 

If a vendor is unethical enough to mis-sell an item in the first place, it is extremely unlikely they would be willing to give a refund once they had been caught out. And that’s if you can even track them down given these types seem to disappear once they have their money. This means that not only have you lost that which you have spent, but if it was a designer item you were trying to purchase, it would have been a sizeable amount too. 

Buying online is a fantastic way to shop around and secure a good deal, all at your convenience at a time or place that suits you. It’s more secure than ever before with banks taking precautionary measures, and if you buy on your credit card, you’re protected from fraud too. However, it is increasingly difficult to assess the true quality of the item you are purchasing when you can’t physically hold it in your hand and have a real look at it. 

Normally, this shouldn’t be a problem if you are buying a branded item. Indeed, you can see the style you want in a shop, and even try it on before heading online to buy it at a reduced cost. But how do you know if what you are buying is a fake or the real deal? Fortunately, there are certain measures you can put in place to minimise the risk of falling for a fake branded watch online. Read on to find out what they are…


  • Buy from a reputable online retailer 


Buying from someone such as Hush Style online will ensure categorically that your product is genuine. There are many auction sites with pre-owned goods available that have no proof of manufacture and other sellers peddling what seem to be real branded products as ‘brand new’. Then there are websites which appear out of nowhere with no reviews or credibility who then disappear just as quickly once they have fraudulently taken your money. You can avoid all these pitfalls and the likelihood of purchasing a fake product by choosing a well-respected and reputable online shop in the first place. Check reviews before you buy – pretty much all decent companies will be reviewed somewhere, so you know who you are dealing with.


  • Check what it will come with 


Is the vendor saying there is no certificate of authenticity? Or will it not come in the original packaging? While documentation and boxes can also be faked, it adds an extra level of difficulty to whoever is selling the fake product. Alarm bells should be ringing if a branded product won’t be arriving with the premium extras such as case, pouch or certificate. 


  • Use your common sense


If a deal looks too good to be true, there is a high probability that it will be! If the product you desire is 90% cheaper on one website as opposed to all the other places you have seen it, ask yourself why. If it’s not fake, it could have been illicitly acquired by the vendor so either way, you won’t want anything to do with it! 

Buying a branded watch online can enable you to have a premium product at a competitive price. However, making some mistakes during your purchasing process could lead to being ripped off by a fake one, so do your homework and use your common sense to wheedle out any potential issues. That way, you’ll be happy with your new item once it arrives rather than desperately trying to claw back your lost pennies. 


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