Thinking of buying a new set of interior doors? There are many styles and designs available. The choice of the door will often be driven by “what was there before”. That doesn’t need to be the case. There are plenty of style of doors available such as hinged, sliding, roller, concertina etc. Fitting a new door is best performed by professionals, so watch out for packages that include fitting with the door on shops like Online Door Store but for now here’s our top 5 recommended styles:

  1. Double doors – a classic design often used between kitchen and dining room. The double-width, when opened, is perfect for making the rooms feel like one. French doors are a classic example of double doors. Fitted with panes of glass, and looking like windows, their elegant design can add real beauty to your home. These beauties have been decorating houses for over 300 years! Price-wise, French doors are reasonably priced due to their simple design.
  2. Sliding doors – sliding doors are great because of the small footprint they consume. They are great for small rooms where a swing door will limit your floor space. Sliding patio doors with large panes of glass are also a popular choice as they can provide a clear view of the garden. Sliding doors have been around even longer than the French doors, first appearing in the first century! Roman’s found real beauty in these doors.
  3. Dutch Doors – for those who don’t know what a Dutch door is, a Dutch door is a traditional swinging door that has been cut horizontally across the middle. These practical doors are great for stopping children or animals entering a hot and busy kitchen while still allowing them to be seen and spoken to. Just be careful to install these doors properly as you now have five sides to align. Dutch doors are very common in New England.
  4. Bifold doors – these doors are great for separating large rooms, or even providing an opening “wall” onto a decking area. Often consisting of large panes of glass, they can bring the natural beauty of the garden into the home. Just be prepared to maintain them properly, or you may struggle to open them. Price-wise, these are often quite expensive simply due to the large size and amount of glass included. For those with a larger budget, electrically opening versions are available.
  5. Asymmetric doors – for some people these just look wrong. The anthesis of the French doors, there’s no meeting in the middle here. However, this style is all the fashion in modern contemporary homes and are loved by architects and interior designers. Available in a wide range of materials, these doors require a slightly wider than usual frame. Price-wise, expect to pay a bit more than a conventional door.

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