It’s time to celebrate! After all your hard work and dedication, you’ve finally reached a new level of success. You’ve got a new startup or product and you’re ready to share it with the world. You could just send out a press release, let your company website go live, or share the news through a video on social media – but where’s the fun in that? If you really want to get the buzz going about your news, you’ve got to go big.

Why not host a luxury launch party for your new business or product? Take the “boring business vibe” out of conferences and networking events and turn it into something fun! Everyone loves a good gathering and hosting a luxury party gives them the impression that you also invest only the best into your brand. Since first impressions are everything, here’s some advice on how to put together a shindig that will wow the crowd.

Choose An Epic Location

The venue or destination sets the tone for the entire event. In just one view of the venue on the invitation tells a person whether they’re interested in going, what they need to wear, and what to expect. Think about it. Would you rather receive an invitation to a business event at a local bar or something more out of the box like The Ritz Carlton in Reynolds, Lake Oconee? Chances are you’d choose the ladder. So, get to looking for venues that scream luxurious without actually uttering a word.

Make It A VIP Event

What makes a luxury party more interesting – exclusivity. You’re likely to get a better turnout from guests if they feel special.  The fact that not just anyone can get into the event makes it more intriguing. Essentially, your guests want to be there because they don’t want to miss out on the grand event that only they received invitations to.

Black Tie Dress Code

Nothing says luxury more than a black-tie event. Requesting that everyone show up in their best attire gives attendees the impression that you too will be giving your best at the event. If you want, you can throw a theme in there for some excitement. It could be an all-white or all-black party, a masquerade, the Great Gasby, whatever you’d like just as long as it follows along the lines of luxury.

Creative Branding

This launch party is all about spreading the word about your products. However, you don’t want to bore your audience or overload them with information. So, instead of having pamphlets and business cards on a table and holding a lecture for an hour, get creative with your branding strategies. Search the web for event marketing tips you can use for your party. You could set up demonstration booths or tents in the waiting area for guests to try your new product, decorate tables with freebies and goody bags for the guests, or design a red carpet with a banner with your brand as the backdrop for guest photos and grand entrances.

Have It Catered

A luxury business party isn’t complete without excellent food and drinks. Your best bet is to go all out on this portion of the planning. Hiring a catering company with wait staff works to help you treat your guests like VIP. The cuisine doesn’t necessarily have to be things you can’t pronounce or don’t even care for yourself, either. There are catering companies that know how to put culinary twists on some of your all-time favorite appetizers, main courses, and desserts.

Book Engaging Entertainment

Your guests aren’t coming to the launch party simply to eat food and hear about your brand, they want to have a good time as well. As you’re planning your event, don’t forget about the entertainment. Instead of going with a traditional DJ, opt for a live band. Rather than hire a guest speaker, consider going with a comedian.

Starting a new business or expanding your existing brand with a new product is a huge accomplishment that deserves to be celebrated. A luxury launch party is a perfect opportunity to share your joy with others. In order to make a good impression and really wow the crowd, however, make sure that you invest in every detail of the event. From the destination to the entertainment, the idea is to make it a memorable night that pushes your brand forward and gets the news out. Hopefully, these ideas will help you do just that


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