The world is more connected than ever before and travel reflects that. With so many possibilities, planning a trip can be a daunting task. Spread out across continents, these are the top places to travel to that will give anyone the taste of adventure and luxury they crave.


Top place to travel: Argentina

Image courtesy of Julia Caesar on Unsplash.

The South American country, has always been known for a late-night culture that combines festivity with artistry, but in 2018 the country is set to become a luxury destination in its own right. In the north, the luxury hotel Awasi Iguazú opened in February with each villa receiving a private guide and 4WD, allowing guests to completely customize their itinerary. In September, Art Basel will christen Buenos Aires the first partner city in a new long-term collaboration initiative to the program aims at facilitating professional collaborations, supporting cultural projects, and creating a stronger, more connected art world.


Top place to travel: Rwanda

Image courtesy of Maxima Niyomwungeri on Unsplash.

With growing interest in gorilla tourism, Rwanda is finally starting to leave its past behind and move forward as an example of optimism and hope. Rwanda is definately one of the top places to travel. Tourists will not want to miss a wildlife experience like seeing the endangered mountain gorillas, but you are mistaken if you think that’s the only reason to come to Rwanda. Stay at the Bisate Eco Lodge, the first of a handful of five-star properties to open in the country (including two new One&Only properties). The resort offers villas with soaking pools and is less than 10 miles to Volcanoes National Park.

The Bahamas

Top place to travel: The Bahamas

Image courtesy of Jakob Owens on Unsplash.

After a devastating hurricane season in 2017, visitors may be tempted to stay away, but the best way to help is by visiting. Stay Oceanside at the SLS Baha Mar with an ESPA spa and restaurants by Katsuya Uechi and Michael Schwartz. Traveling to the Bahamas is getting easier than ever: Bahamasair and Delta have added new nonstop routes to the islands and you can now take a ferry from Miami-Fort Lauderdale to Freeport in just four hours. One of the top places to travel for sure!


Top place to travel: Georgia

Image courtesy of Giga Khurtsilava on Unsplash.

As possibly the world’s oldest wine-making country, a recent discovery, Georgia is popping up on oenophile’s lists everywhere, and no matter your taste, it should be on your list, too. Georgia’s ancient cave cities and soaring peaks are best explored from the comfort of Tbilisi’s Rooms Hotel, which can provide you with an original experience itinerary, or Kokhta-Mitarbi, a five-star chalet guaranteed to make the Caucasus mountains the next big thing in international skiing.

South Korea

Top places to travel: South Korea

Image courtesy of Emile Victor Portenart on Unsplash.

The world’s eyes may have been on South Korea during the Winter Olympics this year, but the country has so much more to offer than winter sports. Visitors to the country will have trouble choosing where to spend their time: in Seoul, the vibrant, artistic (check out the Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art for shows of contemporary genius), and foodie-worthy destination. Or in PyeongChang, which lends itself nicely to checking out one or two of South Korea’s 3,000-plus islands. Either way, visitors should not miss out on what’s become known as the beauty capital of the world.


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