It might be a pretty obvious joke, but there ought to be a law against a hotel as magnificently ultra-modern as The Thief Hotel in Oslo, Norway. That’s what the competition is probably saying at least, but only because there isn’t a hotel in all of Scandinavia that can keep up with the incredible service, opulence, and comfort travelers discover when they stay at The Thief.


What’s in a Name? Everything Spectacular about The Thief Hotel, That’s What

The Thief might sound like a strange name for a 5-star hotel, but it actually makes perfect sense once you understand where it originated. You see, it’s located in Tjuvholmen, a neighborhood in Oslo whose name translates into “Thief Islet” and was once a refuge for smugglers, robbers, and scoundrels of every type imaginable. The name of the hotel also plays into its promise to “steal you away from everyday life.”

But don’t let the name fool you. There’s nothing sinister about this gorgeous hotel and no roving pickpockets to fear in the surrounding neighborhood either. In fact, The Thief is nine stories of impeccable beauty and the most dazzling achievement of the Nordic Hotels & Resorts chain. Located a few minute walk from both the beach and the high-end Aker Brygge shopping district, The Thief is perfectly situated for even the most sophisticated traveler.

The streamlined glamor of the Thief begins to unfold the moment you arrive, with curbside car service, exquisite designer furnishings throughout, and a staff that’s both welcoming and impeccably professional. Constantly impressive without being overwhelming, The Thief’s uber sophisticated feel is a reflection of billionaire owner and art lover Petter A. Stordalen’s refined sensibilities. 

With its placement at the edge of the gleaming waters of the Oslo Fjord, the stunning beauty of the Thief is a natural outgrowth of the chic accessibility to be found everywhere in the Tjuvholmen neighborhood. This former ‘rogues’ den’ has been transformed by masterful urban planning into a worldly version of heaven, with gorgeous high-rises, spacious sidewalks, and inviting art galleries aiding and abetting the Thief in its mission to “steal you away.”


Art, Art, and More Art

The Thief Hotel is an architectural gem all by itself, but the most brilliant aesthetic charms await visitors inside the building. Impressive examples of modern art are on display throughout the hotel — in the common areas, in the elevators, and on the walls of the guests’ rooms. A result of the hotel’s relationship with the Astrup Fearnley Museum, The Thief is home to works from artists that range from Andy Warhol and Queen Sonja of Norway to Charles Ray and Bryan Ferry. 

When combined with the welcoming and business-friendly atmosphere that hovers over the entire building, these astounding works of art transform The Thief from a formidable hotel into a truly transcendent experience. Perhaps the most striking aspect of The Thief’s visual appeal is its seamlessness. The transitions between the various aesthetic styles within the hotel are subtle, almost invisible. This lends a combined feeling of awe and comfort to the entire Thief experience.

In other words, the Thief maintains its sophisticated, art gallery feel during the entire visitor experience without becoming intrusive. This is a 5-star hotel that can serve whatever purpose you need it to– anything from a romantic couple’s retreat or a few days of pampered ‘you time’ to a crucial business meeting. Every inch of The Thief Hotel is stylish, sleek, and brilliantly modern, but you never feel like it’s ‘trying too hard.’ It draws a line of good taste in the sand and never crosses it.


The Rooms, The Amenities, and More

Last but certainly not least, The Thief also offers the best rooms, amenities, and food in the entire Scandinavian hospitality industry.  The rooms are elegantly decorated, with huge windows that give on provocative cityscape views and private balconies that offer endless opportunities for both entertaining and intimacy. The Wi-Fi is lightning fast and always reliable, just like the 24-hour room service that offers the best of Nordic Poles cuisine, wine, and spirits delivered to your door on demand. 


As far as amenities go, visitors can relax in the Thief Spa, savor cocktails in the rooftop bar, or utilize the services of a personal trainer. Limo service, babysitting, personal shopping assistance, and on-call medical personnel are available upon request. You’ll also have free access to the contemporary art on display at the Astrup Fearnley Museum. As you can see, The Thief hotel is completely self-sustaining if you want it to be. 

You’ll have a marvelous time whether you stay in all day long or go exploring in beautiful downtown Oslo. But all of this is just scratching the surface of the wonderfully encompassing experience you’ll have every night that you stay here. The Thief Hotel most certainly delivers on its promise to ‘steal you away.’ In fact, it might be too successful in this regard– once installed at the Thief Hotel, you might not ever want to leave.


For more information, visit The Thief Hotel website.

All images courtesy of Aniesia Williams.

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