For the less prepared financially and who could not afford a house with high-class amenities, hotels are the easy go-to places to experience luxurious staycations. This is why luxurious spaces with a modern architecture with top-notch services and amenities providing loads of comfort are often linked to hotels – this is until the concept of luxury apartments emerged. 


Here’s what you need to know about luxury apartments…


From the name itself, a luxury apartment is a type of high-end apartment that comes with everything a person seeking for a luxury stay needs or wants. Luxury apartments in California are mostly spacious, large, and are tucked in premium strategic locations. They are mostly equipped with the latest houseware, appliances, security tools, a concierge, and a convenient parking area on top of other awesome amenities including high-end gyms, movie theaters, spas and wellness centers, and large pools. 


With all the amazing things luxury apartments can offer, they do not come cheap in terms of cost but that is because of the premium quality and luxurious experience guests can have access to. The decors and appliances are so modern and the interior details are mostly Instagram-worthy. Most importantly, they come with windows or terraces that give guests access to the city lights and other beautiful sceneries. 


When it comes to the lease terms, those in luxury apartments can be strict and because more often than not, the decors and fixtures are already in place, guests and residents will have to figure out how to merge these to their styles. 


In terms of perks, there are a lot of them but if we categorize them into four, these benefits revolve around the apartment’s location, parking spaces, security, luxurious amenities, and the overall convenience occupants get to experience. 


LOCATION. Unlike in hotels, luxury apartments are not too crowded. In fact, they are mostly placed in peaceful places where occupants can relax, unwind, and breathe fresh air after a day’s work or tour. Moreover, a lot of luxury apartments have double-paned glass windows and the walls are usually soundproof, facilitating a peaceful and calm stay. 


PARKING SPACES. Parking spaces are never a problem in luxury apartment communities as most of them have garages and covered parking areas. The pricier ones already have parking spaces attached to them. 


SECURITY. Few of the things guests and occupants are paying for are the security tools, equipment, and measures in place in luxury apartments. There are 24/7 working surveillance cameras and more than enough guards to ensure the community’s safety. In some apartments, windows and doors may be automated, immediately alerting the authorities and guards in case forced entries are detected. 


AMENITIES. Luxury apartments have a lot of amenities that people do not always get to experience in regular apartments and average households. These include a free Wi-Fi connection, a top-of-the-line fitness center, valet, large pool, and other services that will help ensure cleanliness in the surroundings. These and other amenities are put in place with an aim of making the occupants’ lives easier and more fun. 


One of the common amenities in most luxury apartments is the availability of a fitness or a wellness center that is fully equipped. With this, members of the community can easily work out at their convenience sans having to travel. 


CONVENIENCE. Luxury apartment buildings come with premium flats where services occupants might need are automatically catered and handled by a dedicated in-house team. Concierge and cleaning service teams are available 24/7. 


The Catch


Luxury apartments may win in terms of comfort and stay quality but as compared to the apartments and condominiums we are used to, they have their downsides.


  1. The downside in terms of cost. Because luxury apartments have everything that makes it luxurious from interior details, fixtures, and appliances to amenities and essential services, they normally have hefty price tags. Thus, if you are in the hunt for an apartment but your budget is limited and your income is unstable, then a luxury apartment might not be an ideal option for you. 


  1. The downside in terms of maintenance and utility cost. Because everything is top of the line, this also means higher maintenance costs and utility bills. Of course, it is a luxury apartment. What do you expect? 


  1. The downside in terms of renovation and enhancement constraints. Although luxury apartments are full of elegance, at some point you might feel like giving it a revamp to make it suit with your vibe and personality. The thing, though, with luxury apartments is that the owner might not allow it. Change is not in most of the owners’ vocabulary. 


But of course, the abovementioned downsides are already a given and should not be a problem if you are financially able and easy to please. 


What are the things to look for in a luxury apartment?


There are a number of factors to take into account when deciding which luxury apartment to stay in but the four of them that matter the most are the aesthetics, amenities, location, and security. 


The aesthetics play a vital role in meeting your luxury standards. It will be your gauge in determining that a particular luxury apartment is the one. This does not only pertain to the interior details but also to the apartment’s entire outlook. That said, the exterior must still have that x-factor as the interior and most importantly, the space’s furnishing and design should be able to go well with the exterior. 


The location also greatly defines a luxury apartment. Aside from it should be pleasing to the eyes, the location should also be well maintained, modern, clean, and accessible. Before finalizing your choice, do not forget to verify the developers’ track records. You got to entrust the job to the real experts. After all, it is a huge investment. 


The security the luxury apartment’s developer can guarantee is another topmost priority. Aesthetics and locations do not matter if the security of the place is compromised. So, here, you need to ask the apartment’s owner about the safety features they have installed, e.g. surveillance cameras, security guards, lobby doorman, etc. As much as possible, go for the one with a highly available security team especially if you have kids living with you. 


The amenities, of course, matter too. Aside from the aesthetics, these are what will make your stay a luxurious one. Thus, as much as possible, choose the one with high-end amenities and services to offer. There should be a spacious parking area, a walk-in closet, an uninterrupted power supply, cooling and heating systems, electricity, and gas connections. Moreover, you should go for ones with dedicated fitness and wellness centers, parks, swimming pools, and convenience stores. Keep this checklist with you on your search. 



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