The modern woman wants more out of a career than being stuck in a cubicle with her head hung over her work, wishing she were on an adventure or somewhere other than the company’s musty, old office building. She knows there is a job to be done, but where is the excitement when all she has to look forward to is being confined indoors? What she really wants is for her boss to pay for her to travel – to Mexico City, to Europe, to the Far East. Yes, lots and lots of travel would add spice to her otherwise dull job, but how on earth does she get her boss to foot the bill for allowing her to take her briefcase on the road?


A Promotion Might Be in Line


Sometimes the working woman’s answer to how to get her boss to pay for her to have a career on the go may be more attainable than she initially imagines. A lot of corporations are only too happy to send executives off to faraway cities. This kind of traveling job often comes with a company car and a corporate expense account also. The trick in these situations is for a girl to work hard, get noticed, and make sure she gets promoted up the corporate ladder. By slipping into the right executive position, her desire to travel could become a regular part of her new position. But, if that is not a viable option at the present time, there are alternatives. Shall we look at them?


Find Work in the Travel Industry


There are countless opportunities to build a career with a travel component inside the travel industry.  Many of these careers will even provide an opportunity for us to visit exotic destinations and meet all kinds of interesting people along the way. One of the perks of working for the airlines, for example, is that we can even take their families traveling with us for free if their particular job allows for it.


Traveling and the Creative Juices


One career path where a boss may pay for their employee to do some frequent traveling is in the area of product design. It can be a lucrative field, and here’s how you get your boss to pay for your airfare: the R word. That’s right, research. A product designer might need to travel to Tokyo, Istanbul, Paris, London, or any number of exotic places to research design. And if you can’t get your boss to pay for it, at least you can write off some of your expenses. To obtain a more intuitive grasp of her job, women in this field may need to travel to gain meaningful insights and perspectives on the target consumer around which their company’s product is being designed.


Traveling Sales


If you’re looking for a challenging career, then a job in sales might be the right fit. Many companies need their sales staff to be actively mobile, taking their pitch directly to where the consumers reside. Sometimes this involves a light travel schedule, and in other situations, the traveling is extensive. It really depends on the company and the kind of products or services they are bringing to the market. Additionally, because a traveling sales job can involve frequently operating out of different cities, there will undoubtedly be opportunities where women in these jobs can take advantage of all kinds of tax write-offs while working in a traveling sales capacity.


The Hard Sell


There are a lot of women working in positions where the need to travel could be something of a stretch, but it may still prove to be beneficial for the company. Startups that need exposure to different markets, for example, are an excellent example of this kind of situation. Even if a girl can’t initially get her boss to go along with paying for her to travel for the company, this does not mean she should necessarily give up so easily. Sometimes it all depends on helping her boss see what is truly in the company’s best interests and why her traveling is a means to that end.


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