Whether visiting distant family, traveling for business, backpacking across a continent, or embarking on the pleasure cruise of your dreams, unwelcome aches and pains will be one of the last inconveniences you’ll want to experience. Pounding headaches, cramped muscles, and achy joints are just a few physical ailments that can stand in the way of a great adventure.


Fortunately, pain during travel is not something you have to tolerate. More times than not, travelers can do something about the common pains they can experience. 


The following are various pain relief options to help keep you on your feet and enjoying that beautiful sandy beach or a hike in the mountains:


Many of us are already familiar with the most popular go-to’s for pain relief, over-the-counter pills. Popular options to pack in your first aid travel kit include aspirin, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen. With varying doses of pain-relieving compounds that typically come in easy-two-swallow pills, these medicines are great if you are on the move and want a quick solution. While they cause relatively few and mild side effects when taken properly, these forms of pain relief can cause nausea and upset stomach, leading many to seek other options to avoid having to take more medicines.


Other choices include topical creams, lotions, and sprays that get the job done without having to be ingested. CBD, a cannabinoid compound with pain-relieving qualities, is now included among commonly available pain relief options. The list of CBD topicals includes creams and sprays. Both products are easy to apply directly to areas of pain and deliver safe but effective doses of CBD to soothe pain and relax tension in the body. The side effects are also mild, including changes in appetite and tiredness, so they can be coupled with a warm bath or shower before bed if the paint is not debilitating.


Another popular option is ointments that include menthol and camphor in the list of ingredients. Both provide relief from pain and muscle discomfort while simultaneously providing a cooling effect. While many brands feature a fragrance that can be overbearing, others are scent-free while providing the same lasting relief. Just apply to the afflicted area and let the pain quickly dissipate. These ointments can be found at most local pharmacies and don’t require a prescription from your primary care physician, and are very affordable.


The last set of options includes compression sleeves, gloves, socks, and braces, to name a few. Compression products typically come in the form of sleeves or wraps and work by providing support and stability to sprained joints. They are easy to use and can be worn for several hours at a time, though it is always wise to remove them after prolonged use and allow the affected area to breathe. Compression wearables can be found at local pharmacies, commonly located in the pain relief aisle.


Pain is a part of life, and it can show up unexpectedly, but it doesn’t have to dampen your next traveling experience. Pick up your favorite option before your upcoming trip, and don’t let pain distract you from another great time for the books.

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