Traveling to Rwanda is one of the best experiences in life. The natural beauty of Rwanda coupled with its unique attractions make it the ultimate gateway for tourists interested in holidaying Africa. Rwanda is apparently the safest country in Africa, which adds to the relaxation of your trip.

Always referred to as “the land of a thousand hills” this country is highly elevated, dominated by mountains and savannas. It lies in the African Great Lakes’ region and it is located in the heart of Africa. The climate is temperate to subtropical making it an all-year-round destination. Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda. Kigali lies across numerous hills, ridges, and valleys and has vibrant restaurants and a great nightlife scene. Rwanda is a beauty to behold.

Rwanda is one of the smallest countries situated in Central and East Africa. It is bordered by its neighboring countries; Uganda in the North, Tanzania in the East, Burundi in the South, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the West. Rwanda is best for spending family holidays because of wildlife adventures spread all over the country.

Top Places to Visit in Rwanda

Rwanda is a beautiful and happening place. There are a lot of things to do in Rwanda. From popular gorilla treks in the Virunga Ranges to leisurely holiday at the Lake Kivu, Rwanda Safaris experience is larger-than-life and thrilling. You can visit these places for a good time.

Gorilla Trekking

Rwanda is the ultimate destination for gorilla trekking in Africa. Rwanda gorilla safaris are going to be among the moments that will hold a special place in your memories. Going to see the majestic gorillas in their natural habitat is an extraordinary experience. There is a large population of mountain gorillas within the Volcanoes National Park in northern Rwanda. This popular park is also home to the rare and endangered golden monkeys that are endemic to the region.

Would you like to go hiking? The Volcanoes National Park is full of vast fire-breathing peaks. The park is home to some of the Virunga’s finest volcanoes including Karisimbi, Mount Bisoke, Sabinyo etc. There are day hikes from the park headquarters at Kinigi to explore these scenic volcanoes.

Akagera National Park

Rwanda is a classic safari destination for those seeking roars and growls in the night. Akagera National Park is full of wildlife adventures. This is the only savanna national park in the country and It is home to animals like lions, rhinos, elephants, buffaloes, leopards, etc. A wildlife safari through the park is one of the rewarding traditional safaris that you can enjoy while in Africa.

Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe Forest National Park is a scenic rainforest. This National Park houses chimpanzees and more than 300 species of birds. It is an ideal place for tourism. This place is cheap to travel to go on spending holidays with nature. From this forested park, you can track the wild chimpanzees, man’s closest cousins. This is the only national park in East Africa where you can enjoy canopy walks.


Kigali is roughly in the center of Rwanda and has numerous hills, slopes, and lakes. Kigali is the memorial place in Rwanda. The Natural History Museum and the Presidential Palace Museum are Kigali’s heritage with sculptures, paintings, and art pieces. Kacyiru and Kiyovu are famous restaurants having beautiful scenes.

During your time in Kigali, don’t miss visiting the Gisozi Genocide Memorial Museum, the final resting place for 250,000 Rwandans who were killed during the 1994 Rwanda Genocide. The place continues to be a place of remembrance and learning about the dark past of the country.

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Lake Kivu

The Lake Kivu is the second smallest African Lake. This liquid-blue, deep, crystal-clear Lake Kivu is Rwanda’s grace. There are many resorts on the water’s edge. The scene of this lake at sunset is radiant gives a hilarious souvenir.

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Some precautions and safety measures you need to take on your trip

Rwanda has a safety record for tourists; there is no need to worry about security issues. The country is safe and can be visited at any time of the year.

Like in other countries, you should take precautions for your health.

You should take complete medical care. A yellow fever vaccination certificate is mandatory for visitors traveling to Rwanda. You can also carry antimalaria tabs and first aid equipment that you may need.

Covering your skin is essential to avoid insect bites.

If you are going on a gorilla trek, carrying long-sleeved shirts, long trousers and a rain jacket is essential.

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