There is nothing best than to come across the largest ape on the planet face to face, once in your lifetime. It is truly an incredible experience. This creature is called as, “man’s closest relative” and that makes this experience absolutely captivating to witness them in their natural environment. But unluckily, it is the man who is becoming an extreme threat to their existence through several causes. However, increasing numbers of tourists who are keen to see them, is becoming a huge factor in the conservation of this species.

In the last few decades, the term “ecotourism” has potentially grown and has become an industry today. The Gorilla trekking is a true example of this conservation. So, what is it, exactly?

Gorilla trekking not only provides you a memorable experience to see these glorious individuals in the most natural setting, but it also helps as a contribution to protect them.


Where to See These Mountain Gorillas?

The mountain gorillas, among the population of 880 individuals, are the most endangered animals in the whole world. As the name indicates, the mountain gorillas reside in high forests, in mountainous areas of central Africa. Their small population can be found in Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo and some of them are residing in Bwindi National Park in Uganda.


What is the Perfect Time to see Mountain Gorillas?

It’s totally up to you, which time you decide for trekking, as they can be easily seen all year-round. فٹBut most preferable season is the dry season. From the mid of December to February or June to September, count as the most convenient time for trails and trekking with better conditions.

However, the wet season has its own advantages. From March to May or October to December, in these months, gorillas are more tending to reside towards the lower hills, as temperature is bit milder and the food is plenteous. Therefore, the trekking can be much easier and shorter as well.

Watching these magnificent gorillas in front of your eyes, is something unique and truly a lifetime adventure. But it also requires a lot of planning maintain a budget for visa fees and pre-booked permits.


What Essentials You Need for Trekking?

Here are some items other than water, food and cameras, that are highly recommended for gorilla trekking experience.

Comfortable hiking boots for trekking of few hours to make it to the gorillas, fully covered dress to protect yourself during trek through bushwhacking into a misty and dense rainforest, tough pair of gardening gloves, to keep your hands protected when grabbing vines and branches through your way and some rain jackets, even during the dry season, as there can be still the chances of rainfall in these damped forests at any time.

Some Quality Time with Gorillas

Once you find the gorilla family during your trekking, your time starts. Yes, you only have one hour to spend and that’s a rule. Just stay quiet, move yourself slowly and try to avoid any sort of sudden movements that scare the gorillas. Better is to just sit there, enjoy the moments being with these mighty and magnificent gorillas and have the best experience of your life.

Some Important Considerations

As the gorillas are enormously sensitive to any human disease, so if you are in some poor health conditions, the park authorities will not allow you to visit the gorillas. Additionally, the children who are under 16s, are not permitted to visit.

Furthermore, there may be a situation, where you manage to trek through thick and dense jungle to watch gorillas, but due to the nature and habits of these gorillas, there is a possibility that viewing cannot be guaranteed.

You must understand that these creatures are animals, and no one can force them to stay accordingly for allotted hours, so itis also a possibility that they fade away the moment you appear. So, better is you have to prepare yourself for all the circumstances.

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