“The Pearl of Africa”

Uganda, a country in the east-central Africa, is populated by lots of different ethnic groups. The language and Christianity help these diverse groups of people to get united. These people come together in the multicultural capital of Kampala.

Uganda is definitely a safe and fascinating place. A land where you can experience hippos jumping through their wetlands, lions relaxing in their acacias, rain-stained forests along with cloudy hills where chimpanzees live, the slurping waters of Lake Victoria, the twisting channels of Nile and the standalone volcanos. Meanwhile, the city Kampala, a leafy city including lots of small parks, different public gardens and a picturesque promenade sight and much more.


Let us take you virtually to Uganda tours to explore top places to visit in Uganda.

  1. Gorilla Safaris

Sitting silently on the cold land of Ugandan forest for about an hour. It might be your one of the greatest experiences of life. In Uganda, about 890 mountain gorillas exist and this trekking experience to gorillas, provides you a rarest occasion to observe these calm and mysterious creatures of this planet.

The mountain gorillas reside in the thick vegetation of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda. And Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park and Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


  1. Birding Tours

The enormous bird list is what makes Uganda most extraordinary country, as it is possibly the richest birding destination in Africa.

It is an amazing country of astounding contrasts. From the White Nile on Lake Victoria to its snow-covered rang of Rwenzori, the desert plains of Karamoja to the montane forest of the Virunga volcanoes, in Africa, no other place can match the diversity this land. The land which is rich with more than 1000 species of birds. Amongst these birds, many are special birds like Shoebill and many other spectacular and amazing endemics of Albertine Rift Valley. These birds are almost impossible to find anywhere else. Therefore, Uganda tours are most favorite for tourists of all kind.


  1. Wildlife Tours

Journey towards the wild savannah of Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the best experiences of lifetime. Experiencing and witnessing the mighty Elephants, tree-climbing Lions, game herds and giant Chimpanzees with your own eyes is something out of this world.

This park is widely-recognized for having the largest number of hippos in the world and also counted as a home to chimpanzees and a many species of antelope. By visiting the Ishasha River Camp, you can find lots of elephants, residing in the nearby grasslands and if you are lucky enough, you can also spot the King of Jungle, Lions relaxing on the branches of shade trees in Africa.


  1. Hiking Tours

Trekking to third-highest snow-capped peak of Africa and the “Mountains of the Moon” is an astonishing experience. Hiking through lavish green rainforests and the spectacular lobelia gardens or Uganda’s three extinct volcanoes, you will feel like on top of this world. What is more better mode to experience the Uganda’s remarkably diverse and welcoming culture and people and visiting these isolated communities.

Hiking is probably an excellent method to come across the plenty of habitats and wildlife that exist here. Just imagine yourself, trekking and hiking in lavish montane forests, come across to the crowds of Duikers and Monkeys and so much more.


  1. Cultural Tours

An incomparable cultural diversity, warm welcoming people and their traditional practices, make Uganda a perfect destination for cultural tours and exploration that you can remember throughout your life.

Here it ends the virtual tour of Uganda,but it has much more to offer you Travel with Ugandantour.com to the highlands of Uganda and visit the highly rare and infrequent species and habitats of the world.

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