WakaGangga is a boutique resort that sits on the Western coast of Bali overlooking the Indian Ocean. It is a serene and secluded collection of rustic-luxury bungalows and villas.  The accommodations vary in size from oversized suites to multi-room villas set around private pools, and feature Balinese artwork and decor throughout, in traditional yet luxurious style. There are carved wooden accents, and furniture crafted from locally-sourced timber, bamboo and artifacts.  Some rooms even feature an additional outdoor shower for that tropical feel!Although this is a luxury property, it still feels very hand-designed and personal, both in the simplistic yet grand architecture of the ocean-front restaurant, and the pleasant familiarity of the staff that guide you through your stay, kindly and hospitably.  A stand-out feature, that is often used for wedding ceremonies, is the beach-side amphitheater on the beautifully manicured lawns and gardens.  From here, an epic Bali sunset is the the nightly treat.The on-site restaurant serves up a variety of traditional Balinese cuisine and western-infused choices.  You can also enjoy the hosted afternoon teas here daily, or choose to partake in classes with staff, such as traditional kite-making, or learning how to craft and assemble the religious offerings you see at many doorways of island homes and businesses.For relaxing indulgence, the spa at WakaGangga offers a host of reasonably-priced treatments, ranging from the classic massage to facials, and body wraps using many natural ingredients that will leave you glowing and radiant for your stay.This definitely is a resort for those that want seclusion and to ‘get away from it all’.  The local area is quite under-developed and so offers peaceful respite, but there are more luxury hotels planned along the coast, so this may well change in future months, and become more populated and groomed.  The resort is conveniently located close enough by car or motorbike to the popular tourist area of Tanah Lot, and with a short drive further, you can explore the popular beach towns of Seminyak and Canggu. It’s worth noting that the beach itself by WakaGangga is a black sand beach, and often used for ATV tours and horse-riding, so be prepared to travel to other beaches if you are an avid sunbather.  However, the pool and gardens at the resort have a great view of the ocean and are beautiful, private and quiet, so you can relax without hordes of summer tourists, and enjoy what this beautiful island and people have to offer.

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Article & Video by Darren Darnborough.
All photos courtesy of WakaGangga Resorts.

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