Bali is listed as a popular wedding destination by most travel experts. Why? Here are just eight reasons why you should also consider getting married in Bali.

8. Exotic Location

Location is a key factor in any wedding. Couples spend months trying to find the perfect location. For a couple looking for an exotic location, then Bali is a prime choice.

The island features a backdrop of authentic spiritual and cultural scenes, one of a kind black beaches, rice paddies unique to Bali and a wide array of scenic views. Bali is as exotic as it gets and this will be captured in your wedding video and photographs.

7. Numerous and Ridiculously Beautiful Wedding Venues

Hotels, resorts, by the beach custom venues, the middle of the jungle, on top of an active volcanic mountain, and in the middle of a rice paddy. Essentially, the list of possible Bali wedding venues is endless.

Bali sets itself apart by being able to provide a desirable location for almost anyone in terms of taste. Additionally, in keeping with the demand, there are numerous agents and wedding package providers who will help you secure as perfect a venue as possible.

6. Affordability

A recent survey by a popular travel magazine estimates that though the average cost of a wedding in the UK is approximately 24,000 pounds, it is roughly 6,500 pounds abroad. One of the abroad locations considered was Bali.

One of the reasons a Bali wedding is so pocket-friendly is the fact that there are many vendors who offer wedding services hence very competitive prices.


5. Intimate Ceremony

An Intimate ceremony is one of the reasons that make holding a wedding abroad attractive. A wedding in Bali guarantees that only your closest friends and relatives are involved. The headache of having to pay or entertain a huge wedding party is eliminated, plus an intimate ceremony is often more meaningful.

4. The Weather

Arguably one of the top reasons why you should get married in Bali. Unlike most countries where seasons dictate the day of the wedding, Bali is an exception.

Couples have been known to extend their wedding date for more than one year simply because an outdoor wedding is preferred. Bali has consistent temperatures all year round and even the wetter season cannot curtail an outdoor wedding just as long as a couple checks the weather forecasts and organizes their wedding accordingly.


3. Merging Both the Wedding Ceremony and The Honeymoon

Because Bali offers such a wide variety of activities, then it becomes really simple to get married in Bali and still have the honeymoon in Bali.

A good example is deciding to have a wedding by the beach. Once the wedding is done and the guests have gone back home, the couple can pack their belongings, find a special cabin in the middle of a certain jungle and spend their honeymoon in solitude communing with the earth and the trees and each other. Alternatively, a couple can decide to go backpacking across the island visiting different places such as the Jatiluwih temple complex.

Merging the two also ties into the affordability factor because one is able to save on travel expenses.

get married in bali

2.   Easier Planning

Often, when a wedding is happening close to home, a bride and groom feel compelled to have a hand in every little detail. For getting married in Bali, even if your wedding agent, company or package provider will not handle all the details, the probability is they will handle a huge chunk of it.

Besides, since the wedding party can only travel as close to the wedding date as possible, there is no choice, the third party ends up handling most of the wedding details and this makes for an easier planning for the couple.


1. Time Factor 

In order to get the best possible wedding venue, a couple often has to wait because many other couples had done prior bookings. Bali offers so many options that time factor ceases to be an issue.

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